Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where? What? Who? Oh, yeah. Me

I am not right in the head.

I have looked for, but not found, my daughter's Nintendo DS next to the glasses in the kitchen cabinet. I once recently found one of Mandy's flip flops under my pillow. I recently left a package of frozen cheese ravioli in the car over night. I live in Florida. It wasn't frozen anymore and had to be trashed.

See? I am not right in the head.

So yesterday, Mandy is really tired and out of sorts opts for staying home from school. So, we take other kids to school and on the way home, we stop off for coffee and a bagel. I may not be right in the head, but, by golly, I know I need me some caffeine in the morning. And Mandy is still eating us out of house and home, THANKFULLY. Girlfriend wanted a bagel or seven.

Thankfully, due to really good city planning on the part of zoning committees, or whoever makes such decisions, there is a Panera/Starbucks combo within spitting distance of my house.

So we're in line at Starbucks and we run into my friend, Lori. We know Lori from the Children's Cancer Center. Her ridiculously cute little boy has neuroblastoma.

Lori, "Hey, guys! Good morning!" Oddly, not seeming surprised to see us.

Me, "Heeeeeeeeeyy!" Very surprised to see her.

Small chat for a second about this, that and the other thing.

Lori, "You are here for the meeting right?"

Me, head trying to envision my computer where my calendar lives and tells me where I am supposed to be and when. I got nothing, cause I had not yet had any caffeine. Sad, I know. So, I responded with what any self respecting flake would respond with, "Yeeeeeeessssssssssssss, I am. I am here for the meeting. 'Cause I knew there was a meeting. And, I knew it was here. And so, this morning, I came here. For the meeting. That I remembered. Yup, that's me. I am here for the meeting."

Oddly, Lori, didn't so much believe me. Go figure.

So, with me only half put together and Mandy in her jammies, we went to the meeting for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation Cure Kids Cancer Challenge walk that is coming up on Sept 13. It is a fabulous event and I did have the meeting on my calendar. It just slipped my slicker-than-frozen-snot mind.

Our family will be walking that day to help raise money for pediatric cancer research. This amazing organization has already funded a clinical trial and has two kids in it. They are looking for a cure and money is what they need to help find it. If you would like to sponsor our team, please click here. No amount is too big or too small and it is going to be changing kids lives.

So, we stuck around for the meeting (you remember, the meeting. The one I TOTALLY knew about) and then came home. Waiting for me at home was an email from Amanda from Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

"You left your box of coffee at Panera."

Well, of course I did.

I am not right in the head people. Just. Not. Right.


Anissa Mayhew said...

You SO didn't tell me you left your coffee there. ROLF!!!

Sorry I couldn't make the meeting. I had THINGS.

L said...

Through my work with pediatric cancer families (in CA) I have met a ton of absolutely amazing mothers, like yourself. All of whom swear that chemo-brain is completely contagious for moms. While it is expected that kids may get it, the unexpected side effect is moms tend to get it too. I'm glad you can laugh about it! I'm glad to hear Mandy is eating up a storm good for her!