Thursday, August 14, 2008

101 ways to torment my kids

Today started somewhat rocky, and very early. Mandy woke up about 2 am, sick from yesterday's chemo. This required an late night/early morning bath, a bedding change and convincing the child that taking an anti nausea med actually doesn't make you sicker, but better. She does not believe this and is firmly convinced that I am full of hooey and make up nonsense stories just to torment her with evil medicines. After much cajooling, bribing and convincing she finally took some meds and went back to sleep, in our bed of course. I thought she was going to be sick again around 6, as she was tossing and turning and her stomach was making all sorts of unpleasant noises.but she managed to sleep through it. She woke up around 10 and seemed to do okay for most of the day. We went shopping for school supplies. Let me just say, holy crap, you can spend a whole heckuva lot of money on crayons and loose leaf paper. We are now the proud owners of pencil boxes, lunch boxes, colored pencils and glue sticks and as an added bonus I did not even have to run anyone over with my cart at Target.

Then we were off to meet everybodies new teachers. We lucked out and pretty much won the teacher lottery this year. Zachary got Mrs Marrero, who we love! She is an awesome teacher and he is super excited to get back to school and be with all his buddies and have her for his teacher. Mandy has Mrs Casagrande. We don't know her as well as Zachary's teacher, but I have heard nothing but great things about her. Mandy really liked her today and thought she was "very pretty and nice." High praise indeed from Mandy. Then off to Alannah's.

I sat in a high school gym, with a bunch of scared out of their gourds high school freshmen. One was my daughter. Anyone care to explain to me who the heck I have a daughter in high school????????? She had total deer in the headlights thing going on today. We walked around and found all her classrooms and she s as ready for Monday as she can possibly be. Oddly, she has said I am not allowed to go in with her on her first day of school. I am also not allowed to take pictures or cry in full view of any classmates. I am also not allowed to use spit to wash any remaining breakfast crumbs off her face. Pfft, whateva. I told her she was taking all the fun out of it for me and was going to leave me choice but to shout embarrassing things out the car window while driving away. I threatened to shout, "Make good choices, Alannah Louise!!!" "Be a good friend, bear(her lifelong nickname)!"and my personal favorite, "Don't forget to wipe, flush and wash your hands, Alannah." She says this is unacceptable. She is no fun for me at all.

Mandy had a long day today for a post chemo day and did really pretty well. Monday is going to be a rough day for all of us, except Zachary who is all fired up and ready to go.

Love to all~

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Jennifer said...

Haaahaaahaaa! I TOTALLY do the "spit to wash" thing! Too funny!