Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane, Schmurricane

Now, I admit, I will totally have it coming when the big storm comes. I fully expect it to type my address into it's little hurricane GPS, come here, park itself directly over my house and unevacuated head and laugh in my face. "HA! You jaded long-time Floridian!! See? I can so kick your butt when I want to. I have just been nice until now." I am certain it will put my house through a shredder, just to prove a point. Furthermore, I am certain that when it does that, I will be relatively unprepared. 'Cause that's how we roll here. I have a good solid butt kicking coming. I am okay with it.

However, this one? This "one" barely counts as a "one." It is more of a fraction. As it stand right now, my kids are out of school tomorrow, my husband is off work tomorrow. And the forecast? It's gonna rain. Not even a lot. Just a little. And might be a tiny bit breezy. Not a lot. Just a little. I suspect the kids will spend most of the day in the pool.

Now, that I have said all this out loud, you will need to excuse me. I am going to go stand outside with a lightning rod, cause I certain I am fixin' to get struck down for my jaded long-term Floridian "It ain't ever hit here and probably never will" attitude.

First day of school went well. Everyone came home happy and with good things to say about teachers and friends and school. I survived too, and really, I was probably significantly more worried than anyone else.

(I was going to upload pictures, but Blogger isn't cooperating, proving once again that you get what you pay for. Will try again tomorrow.)

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