Friday, August 15, 2008

All dreams must end

Our last day began early. Due to nasty weather our scheduled dolphin swim was rescheduled for Monday before we left for the airport that afternoon. The dolphins were very cool and it completed Mandy's dream! She was so excited to meet these guys. Our dolphin's name was Noah and he was a sweetie. So after one more farewell elevator brawl we headed over to check the last thing off Mandy's dream to do list. Enjoy our last day pictures!

Really? It's an elevator??!! We are seriously considering installing a panel of elevator buttons in their rooms for Christmas gifts.

See? He really is a dork.

Sadly, I don't have pictures of the best Zachary story of the trip. When we checked in, they wrongly put us in rooms across the hall from each other instead of adjoining rooms. This was going to be a rather large problem. So, Ronnie hiked 3.7 miles back down to the front desk to resolve the issue, 'cause he is a good guy like that. Mandy's feet and legs were bothering her, so the kids and I hung out in the room-that wasn't-really-our-room. They were coming out of their collective skins to get the party started already. Then Zachary found the safe in the closet. Ohhhhhhhh, this was almost as exciting as the elevator buttons.
Zachary "Momma, there's a safe in here!"
Me "Yea, buddy, most hotels have those in the rooms."
Zachary, possibly drooling a little now "That's so cool."
Me, so not really listening anymore, "Uh huh. Cool, buddy."
Zachary, contemplating his next move, "Momma?"
Me, not listening at all anymore, "Hmmm?"
Zachary, giddy with anticipation, "Can I try the safe out?"
Me, I suck as a mom. I should so have been paying more attention by this point, "Huh? Oh, Yea, sure, I suppose."
Now, at this point, the girls have joined in. Only in my family is locking a safe a spectator sport, but whatever. Until......
Giggles, gasps and whispers. Now, by this point, I am somewhat annoyed at the room-that-isn't-really-our-room by this point. Flight was delayed, room was delayed, kids are anxious and I am watching clouds rool in that could very well screw up my ability to throw them in water asap.

More giggle from the closet and one really loud, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, she will hear you, just help me get it out."

Oh. Boy. This can't be good.
"Um, dude? Get what out? Out of what?"
Mandy and Alannah in hysterical peals of laughter, and almost in unison. "Zachary locked his shoes in the safe."
Cue sheepish Zachary, "...And I can't remember what combination I used."
Of course you can't. Now the desk, with all the people who would know how to crack the safe is 3.7 miles away and they all work on island time and will be in no huge rush to come save my son's footwear. Not to mention how much of an idiot I will feel like when I call the front desk to say, "Um, yea, could you send someone down to the room-that-isn't-really-our-room, please? My son locked his shoes in the safe."

Good times.

So, we went all James Bond and and a mere 15 minutes later we cracked the safe and salvaged his shoes. And we still had another 5 minutes before Ronnie came back to take us to the room-that-was-actually-our-room.

So, truly, I love my son to the ends of the earth and back. He is the cutest thing since baby feet and so much smarter than me it ain't even funny. But, my boy child? He is a dork!

Back to our regularly scheduled dolphin programming.

This was a great way to cap off an amazing trip. We headed back to the airport, back to the mainland and back to reality.

This concludes our presentation of Mandy's dream. We can't thank Kristin at Children's Dream Fund enough! She went so far above and beyond to make sure Mandy's dream came true! We love you, Kristin!!! Thanks so much for everything! It truly was her dream come true!

Love to all~

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Jennifer said...

ROTFLMAO!!! As I was reading the Zachary/Room Safe story, I kept thinking that the safe was one of those monster safes and that the girls had locked ZACHARY in it! Footwear I can deal with as long as no kids are locked inside!!! That was too funny!

I love, love, love the picture of Mandy with the dolphin!!!