Friday, August 1, 2008

Dr Google does stand up comedy

Ok, really, I am easily amused. I admit it. I am okay with it. You could call me stupid, but I prefer simple. It sounds so much nicer. Really, since Mandy was diagnosed, I work really hard to find joy in every single moment we possibly can. This leads me to being easily entertained by things, that well, may not really be so funny to, well, anyone. Or it may be a result of sleep deprivation. Whateva. But, they make me giggle, so I go with it.

As the writer, one of the features this site offers me, is to see the search terms people put in to that causes them to land on this site. We have had many that were just what you would expect, "optic glioma," "carboplatin," and "chemo regimen." I truly hope that anyone who is searching for these items finds some information on this site helpful or that it gives them some level of comfort.

There are others that were obviously people looking for Mandy or our hospital. "Mandy Willis," "All Children's Hospital," and "Mandy NF cancer." I am so incredibly touched that these people care enough to search her out and check in on her. It means more than you will ever know to know people care enough to follow her progress and send her love and prayers.

However, there are the ones that totally crack me up. I so want to call these people up and ask, "What were you actually looking for?" They must have been so disappointed to wind up with us when they Google things like "laundry removal." I thought I would share a few of the funny ones, so you can either laugh at the funny searches or you can laugh at me for being so easily amused. Your call.

In the last week or so, there have been several that have caused me a giggle and in some cases a guffaw and even one full blown snort, well okay, two actually. We had, "very cathartic." Seems appropriate to come across us. "Natalie Willis dancer," yea, that would so not be me that they were looking for. I have two left feet and if it doesn't involve booty shaking, I really have no dance skills at all. NONE. Then there are my two favs, the ones that I deemed not just guffaw worthy but full blown snort like a donkey worthy.

Ok, you have to know my eldest to know just how funny this is. She IS the stereotype for the crazy smart person. You know the one. The person who can spout off the native habitat, preferred food source and mating habits of the wombat, the entire periodic table and the symbolism behind the characters in "Of Mice and Men" without batting an eye. But, common sense, yea, not so much. That part kinda skipped her. Smart as a whip, scary smart, genius smart, scored better on the SAT her 7th grade year than I did the first time i took it when I was a senior. Seriously. She got a 1270. In 7th grade. Sooooo got her brains from her daddy. While at the same time being dumber than a box of rocks. She is either going to need a very good secretary or a very patient husband someday. So, you can imagine my amusement and the amount of ammunition it gave me against my poor eldest daughter when I came across this search term, "brain for alannah." Mercifully, she thought it was as amusing as I did. No clue what this person was actually looking for, but if they find it, I hope they email me and tell me where to order one.

And the final snort worthy search term, "cheese ravioli diet." I googled it myself and sure enough this post was the first result that came up. Okay, really? THAT is a diet I could stick to. Seriously, I would ROCK at the all Italian food, all the time diet plan. I do luvs me some breadsticks.

Love to all~

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