Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New plan. Well, sort of. Maybe.

I know this will come to you as a huge shock. Sleep, has not been my friend the past few days(well, okay weeks and months, but let's not split hairs, people). I have been um, shall we say, rather apprehensive(just a little), about reintroducing the Carboplatin to her system. 'Cause, frankly the whole possible her not breathing thing...not so much working for me

So, I came home and had myself a rendezvous with my very fickle friend, Dr Google. Google and I sat down and read medical journal after medical journal after paper after paper.Through all of this I have found out that CHOP(Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) has a protocol in place to get kids through a Carboplatin allergy. They have a HUGE success rate with this and get the vast majority of the kids who develop an allergy, some with reactions even worse than Mandy's, through the treatment plan on this drug.

Now, all of this being said, I am not a doctor and this may not work for her and may not be a viable option. But, it is certainly an option worth exploring and the doctors agree with that.

She was supposed to have the Carboplatin today and it was decided that the risks were just too high. They had an anesthesiologist on stand by in case they needed to intubate. And frankly, given the odds, nobody thought it was going to work. So, we have a new plan. Well, the beginnings of one anyway. It goes a little something like this.

I was worried about missing two full doses of chemo, plus two weeks off fo rcount recovery. So, in order to avoid that, this week was now considered her first week of rest. Next week will be the second week and then start back the following week. In the meantime, they are going to explore the option of CHOP's protocol. And by the time comes to start the next cycle there should be a better plan in place. Please, keep your fingers crossed and send up some prayers that this is a viable solution to keep her on her current protocol.

We both came home and took naps this afternoon, which we both needed. So, for today, all is okay and hopefully moving in the right direction. I will know more next week after we see her neuro-oncologist.

Thanks for all the prayers and love today!

Love to all~

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Joanne said...

Ok, sounds like a kind of plan, Dr. Mom. And one that I will pray extra extra hard to work for your beautiful young soldier...get some rest, both of you, enjoy your down time and we'll keep the prayer lines flooded. Love you!