Thursday, August 14, 2008

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Days 2 and 3 went a little something like this...."Look, kids, water!!!" "Woooooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!!" Followed immediately by SPLASH! There was beach time, pool time, river raft time and water slide time. So rather than bore you with my dull writing I thought it might be better to just dazzle you with pictures. After all a picture is worth a thousand words. It so isn't hard for me to come up with 1000+ words to string together, but I will spare you that on this post. You owe me one. Consider those 1000 words banked for some ridiculously long, wordy post to be used later.

In the meantime, for your reading/viewing pleasure; pictures of my kids in water.

Tomorrow Swims With Dolphins, kinda like Dances with Wolves, but soggier.

Love to all~

1 comment:

Jennifer (Kids Cancer Crusade) said...

I am loving the pictures and blurbs that go with them. Who WOULDN'T love all that water? Looks like you had a blast!