Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Popcorn/Ravioli Diet

We ran up to clinic today for a finger stick. Her numbers are great. Platelets were lower than ever, but not scary low, just noticeably lower. Next week it is back to chemo, both Vincristine and Carboplatin. I am hoping that readjusting to the drugs will not be too hard on her after two weeks off.

We dropped off my car to be fixed and thanks to Autoway Chevy of Tampa and their manager Art Spath and Ruth Cannon, in the collision department, we are now driving around in a super nice new Trailblazer as a loaner vehicle. Mandy LOVES it cause it is sparkly purple! :-) I, who have been a die hard minivan lover for years, actually really like it too. Is it totally wrong to hope my car repairs take a long, long, long time???!!! :-)))) Thank you so much for your help, Art and Ruth!!

I was talking to a friend on the way to clinic this morning and was pondering a life question. How long can one child survive on nothing but popcorn and Cheese Ravioli from Carrabba's???? I need to own stock in Pop Secret and Carrabba's!! It can't be homemade cheese ravioli...I could grow my own wheat, milk my own cows for the cheese and grow my own tomatoes for the sauce...wouldn't matter. It needs to be Cheese ravioli from Carrabba's...thank you very much. But, hey, if you get it for her, she eats it. Every time. Almost all of it if not all of it. This is huge in my little world. Such is the life of a cancer mom. This morning, for breakfast, she had about 1/4 of a waffle...and....ready for it??? Popcorn. Why popcorn, you ask, for breakfast of all things? Well, the answer is really quite simple....because Carrabba's isn't open at 8 am. I will go broke(and am headed hat direction) providing Carrabba's cheese ravioli and popcorn if she will actually eat it.

We are off the CCC(Children's Cancer Center) tonight. The kids are always so happy to go to group there.

Thanks as always for checking on her. Love to all~

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