Friday, October 3, 2008

Patience is a virtue....we just don't have it in my house

As previously explained, my boy child, has a bit of an excessive amount of enthusiasm related to the upcoming Halloween and all the associated hoopla that goes with.

He actually is more excited about the decor than he is about the candy. You would think this gives me more access to his trick or treat goodies. Sadly, not so much...though I am known to sneak a Twix or 12. Oh, leave me alone! He doesn't like them anyway!!

I was on the phone yesterday when he got home from school trying to straighten out a hospital bill. I really need to get a new hobby....


He kept begging me, while I was on the phone to put up Halloween decorations RIGHT FREAKIN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, oh so patiently said, "Not right now, sweetheart. Mommy is on the phone," in my nice inside voice. OR I said, "Were you born in a barn???!!! Can you not see I am on the phone???!!! Have I not told you every single day for the last nine years to please wait until I am off the phone before you talk to me???!!!!" in my not-so-inside voice. You choose.

So, off disgruntled boy stomps to his room. He comes out later. He had stuff to do last night with Daddy, I had stuff to do with Mandy. We moved on.

Today, I was putting laundry away. Shocker again, I know. I went to my darling son, Zachary's room to find this on his door.

A close up so you can see the love and patience oozing from his every pore in this particular piece of artwork.

It is a bit hard to see, but it says, "KEEP OUT! Inless you say Time to put up Halloween decorations."

Ahhhhh, patience is indeed a virtue. I gotta get us some of that.

And, yes, we will be putting up Halloween decorations this weekend.

Love to all~

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