Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sugar high

This weekend has been all about candy, Halloween, birthday cake, costumes, chocolate, sugar, presents, cake walks, festivals and candy. Oh, and? There was some candy and some cakes. In case you didn't pick up on that theme.

So, in a chocolate coated nutshell, here is the late week and weekend in review:

Thursday: Mandy's birthday. Daddy made a surprise trip home to be able to be here for her day and she was thrilled. We gathered up Alannah and Zachary from school and came home and opened presents. Girlfriend does love her some present opening.

We went to Carrabba's for dinner, with thanks to our dear friends the Garcia's for a gift certificate! Mandy had her very favorite cheese ravioli, though being right after chemo, she didn't eat as much as I would have liked. But she had a ball. We wer joined by our friends the Mayhews and Tyler from the Children's Cancer Center.

Mandy and her buddy "Ty Ty" from the Children's Cancer Center

We came home and had birthday cake, chocolate with chocolate frosting. Mandy made a wish and blew out the candles.

Eventually, that sugar and present opening high wore off and we all went to bed.

Friday was the Halloween Carnival at Zachary and Mandy's school. Alannah dressed as a lazy teenager. That was a stretch for her to get into that character, lemme tell ya. NOT! Zachary was an alien. 'Nuff said on that one. Mandy had a couple of costume options and opted for the black cat. A magician and all their friends were on hand at school and they had a ball.

Aliens gotta eat too.

Ever wonder what teenagers do when you drag them to an elementary school party? Why, they text, of course.

Saturday night we went to Trick or Treat street and scored yet more candy and sweets and junk we really don't need. Mandy was pretty unnerved by the noise, and crowds so we were quick in and out. But they stayed long enough to get an excessive amount of sugar laden goodies.

That brings us to today and the Fall Festival for the Children's Cancer Center. Mandy opted for the Hannah Montana costume for this event. It was a ball and the kids bounced in bounce houses,

had some face painting,

rode a train,

and met some animals from Lowry Park Zoo.

They ran around, were generally goofy, laughed a lot, danced a little and had a ball. Thanks as always to the CCC for a great day!

Just for giggles, they had a cake walk today. Each of my kids came home with a 9"x13" cake. Because the leftover birthday cake and the candy from trick or treat street wasn't enough.

Mandy hung in there like a trooper this weekend and proved that with a sleep schedule like a 3 year old(14 hours at night plus a 3 hour nap during the day) she can party like a rock star when she needs to.

Love to all~

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Andrea Cook said...

Just checking in and catching up. Love the stories as usual - they make me laugh. Tell Mandy Happy Birthday for us. She looks great. Enjoy Halloween.

Hugs of love, Andrea