Thursday, October 30, 2008


Counts were beautiful yesterday. Mandy got chemo. She felt pretty rotten last night, but, is doing better today. We did add oral albuterol(the syrup, not the inhaled kind) for a week, because she has some slight wheezing in her left lung. Gotta stay on top of that and not let it become anything.

Zachary was on oral albuterol once when he was about 4. It made him completely certifiably insane. It wasn't like funny, silly just don't wanna go to sleep high strung. Oh no. It was like studying for finals, 5 pots of coffee, half a box of No Doz, just this side of rehab kind of jittery. Good times. I am told that is par for the course, so we shall see how she handles it.

In other news, Ronnie is being held captive in Canada. Poor guy has been sitting on a plane, on a runway, unmoved for 4 hours. They have been offered warm beverages and stale wraps and told to sit tight. He is getting a tad bit grumpy. Hopefully, he will be home tonight. He is flying home through Phillie of all places. Not like there won't be a few Tampa folks trying to get home from Phillie today. So, yea, I expect to see him tomorrow sometime. That is, if he doesn't get arrested for civil disobedience in Canada today.

Otherwise, all is well. We are getting fired up for begging for candy, I mean trick or treating tomorrow.

Love to all~

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