Sunday, September 28, 2008

October is right around the corner

October is almost upon us. In our house, it means all three kids are freakin' giddy about something.

Zachary loves Halloween. No, really. He LOVES, REALLY, REALLY LOVES Halloween. By far, it is his favorite holiday. He will easily be one of those people who has a whole haunted house worth of Halloween decorations that takes him from the first of September to put up every year. He can't wait. He was foaming at the mouth with excitement when the Oriental Trading Catalog, Halloween edition, showed up the other day. At least he isn't that happy when the Victoria's Secret catalog shows up. Yet.

Alannah is quaking with anticipation for October 30. Because Mary Ann, director of the Children's Cancer Center, is the bum-diggity, she will be taking us with her for opening night of Phantom of the Opera at the Performing Arts Center. She could have told Alannah she would give her a new convertible when she turns 16 and I am not sure she would have gotten any more enthusiasm than this. She is beside herself. As in 16 year old girl getting tickets to the Beatles in 1964 kind of excited. She can't wait.

Mandy is alllllllll about October. Since last November she has been planning this October. She will start planning next October this November. Why you ask? Her birthday folks. It is her birthday on October 23. There is nothing Mandy loves more than a day that is all about her from beginning to end. She has a wish list made and on the fridge. She has multiple party options in mind and is in the process of narrowing them down. She wants a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and cheese ravioli's from Carrabba's for dinner. Shocker, huh? She will not be able to be in school on her birthday, because it is the day after chemo, but she has decided that she and I need to plan on getting mani's and pedi's while the other kids are in school that day.

Ronnie loves October cause he gets football and baseball and world series and all that good stuff. Nirvana for him.

It also happens to be our 18th wedding anniversary on Oct 6. Wow, we have been married forever! Good for us, huh? :-)

So, to kick this grand month off in style, and a little early. Mandy and I spent our Sunday afternoon making a haunted house, of the gingerbread variety. Just for fun, a few pictures for your enjoyment.

In case you were wondering, this frosting is FOUL, NASTY, DISGUSTING STUFF. It works GREAT as cement, not so much for the tasting thing. Mandy working hard with her pastry bag.

I love this. It is her "thinking face." The funny thing is Ronnie, Alannah and Zachary all suck in their bottom lip. She is a top lip sucker. Of course, she is the only left handed one in our family. She just likes to do things differently. :-)

She was very intent on following the instructions. She soooo did not get that from me!

And, the finished product.

Really? What else could you have this much fun with and turns out this cute for only $9?

May your October be happy and full of celebrations, laughter and joy!!

Love to all~

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the original Awareness Warrior said...

I've discovered your blog today through a blog through a blog through a blog (LOL) and wanted to stop by and let you know!

My name is Alex. I have a serious disease which is another story that I have in my blog, but I don't want to take up space here with it. Bottom line, I consider my disease a blessing, not a curse, and use it to help me raise awareness for kids with serious diseases. I run a charity, foundation, and fundraiser, plus am a walking awareness machine.

"OMG, did you hear so-and-so broke up with so-and-so?" "No, but did you know that 1 in 125 are born with a congenital heart defect and 1 in 330 will get cancer before they turn 20?"

Well, like I said, I came across your blog and am subscribing to it right now. I hope you will read my blog as well and visit my charities' webpages!

Oh, and by the way, I have one of those gingerbread haunted houses, but it's been 3 years and still haven't gotten to it yet! Hmmm, reflecting our calendar a bit, there? (with up to 5 appts. a day plus school/etc, it's not out of the ordinary! My 2005 Christmas presents still haven't been shipped!)

& a lot more!