Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funky Wednesday

One more chemo is done, but barely. Her chemo is count sensitive. By the strict letter of the protocol, they are supposed to hold chemo if her ANC is less than 1000. Today's ANC was 950. However, they opted to go ahead and administer it today. I was a little surprised by that, but, am glad that we didn't have to hold chemo. We anticipate that number may drop significantly after hitting her with more chemo today. So, for this week, we will have to be aware of precautions for lower counts this week, but not panic about it.

She was very tired this afternoon and slept about 3 hours. She had a nasty bout of diarrhea and some nausea tonight. She was low key, but, she was in good spirits and happy.

I did talk to the neuro-oncologist today. She felt like the area in the left parietal lobe is probably another low grade glioma, mainly because it enhances on the MRI. We will watch it closely. If in fact it is another glioma, hopefully, it will respond to the chemo already being administered. If not, that area is surgically accessible, with "a little digging."

I so long for firm answers. That is unattainable. The very nature of NF and of the tumors that it brings with it, is that it is an uncertain road map. I really respect the medical team we have and know they have all the answers that there are to have. I just wish there were more answers to be had.

On the upside, right now, she is doing well. And one thing this journey has taught me is that anything beyond right now is merely guess work. So, we will be grateful for and happy in our right now and do our best to leave the rest alone for now.

Love to all~

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Tyra said...

Continued prayers for good counts, clear scans, easier answers and peace when you need it the most.

Love, Tyra