Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Zachary has a stomach bug. He is miserable. Did I mention he was miserable? He does. Frequently. He does not feel good. He would like to make sure everybody knows. SIGH. My boy child? He is super smart and cute and sweet and charming and funny as all get out. He is also a whiner of epic proportions when he is sick. I feel bad for him. I do. Poor guy really doesn't feel good. Really. But, geez, I whined less delivering a child.

So, because I am all about sharing the joy, a few of his better moments of not feeling good.

First, because he is a sweet boy and I love him, I will share a moment of true love. He really knows how to charm a girl when he says, "It is so much better to puke when you are beside me."

Awwwwwwwwwwwww. He is so sweet. I can see him wooing some sorority sister a mere 10 years from now with this line after a raucous frat party. He's awful cute, people. I could see the line working on just the right sorority girl.

And my favorite, pitiful sick boy moment. I left him briefly to go take a shower. I made sure he was tucked in, had access to his water and the remote and had my favorite feather pillow tucked nicely under his head. I come back and he is laying on the couch watching "Go, Diego, Go." Cute show...animated cousin of Dora the Explorer, cute little animated animals, exciting animated animal adventures. It is cute. It is aimed at the under 5 crowd. He's 9 1/2.

I look at him and say, "Dude. Go Diego Go? Really? You reliving the good old days or what? Why didn't you change the channel?"

Sad, pitiful boy child looks at me and says, "I couldn't reach the remote."

It was on the coffee table. In front of the couch. On which he was laying. No more than a 8" reach away.

Ahhhhhh, my boy is now a man.

Love to all~

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Anonymous said...

Your family remains in my prayers. Hang in there and stay strong! You have such a precious child.