Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boogie man, and not in a funky, cool dance fever sort of way

There is a Nerf Bazooka gun that lives in my house. It is the closest thing to a weapon that we own. Well, that and three dogs. A standard poodle and two Golden Retrievers. I may have to start sleeping with the bazooka under my pillow and buy spiked collars for the dogs so they can at least pretend to be ferocious.

I took the trash out tonight, cause Ronnie is out of town. And Zachary was sick. And Alannah was at youth orchestra. And Mandy is too small to handle the trash bag that really should've been emptied BEFORE I shoved the milk carton, cereal box and mismatched socks in it. So, I took out the trash.

There was a police car in front of my house. Odd. He backs up, rolls down the windows and waves me over to the car. Odder still. Asks for the house number across the street. I tell him.

Turns out there was a robbery over there on Saturday nightish. That particular house is vacant thankfully. Which is good. However, my house is most definitely occupied.

I would not be so incredibly freaked out by this if not for the fact that my backyard gate was opened. Sometime Saturday night. It was not opened by anyone who lives here. This leaves me with the only viable option of scary gate opener being the boogie man.


So, now I am sleeping with a Nerf gun under my pillow and dressing up my two Golden Retrievers and one Poodle as rabid Pitbull's for Halloween. I also positioned scary bouncer dudes around the house. AND posted a largish sign in the front yard that reads, "You mess with my kids, my house, my dogs or me and I will TAKE.YOU.OUT."

Well, that or... I put big fancy new locks on the gates. And am leaving all the exterior lights on at night.

I am sure it was just punk kids being idiots, but still. They were in my yard. I am not okay with this.

Zachary's stomach bug left as quickly as it came and he is doing fine this evening.

Off to chemo tomorrow for Mandy, armed with cookies for the nurses so they can help her celebrate her impending birthday. She is looking pretty pale, so I am hoping her blood counts won't be an issue.

Love to all~

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