Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My time is somewhat limited at he moment. I will post more about the proud reason for why that is later tonight. But, I wanted to share with you all a few things.

Mandy's MRI report was waiting for us when we got to clinic this morning. Everything is unchanged. Enhancement is where enhancement was. Size is the same.

This news is fine. Would I have liked for them to say the optic glioma/s is/are shrinking? Well yes. But, I would also like to win the lottery. Really, at this point of this process stable is as good as we can hope for. It is certainly better than progression or increase in size.

There are numerous areas of abnormal signal. These are most likely a product of a common phenomenon with neurofibromatosis. These areas merit watching, but are most likely fine.

Second dose of new chemo was today. It definitely makes her really tired and a wee bit of tummy upset. All in all, she seems to be handling it well all in all. Bloodwork was fine...ANC 1390, Platelets 271, all is good.

So, as good of news with the MRI as was feasible to hope for. That is why she is in treatment for such a long time. These tumors are slow growing, which is good. That also means they are slow to shrink as well.

So, the fight continues. Thanks as always for the thoughts and the prayers. More on our plans for the night later.

Love to all~

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Jennifer said...

I'm glad to hear things looked stable. I hope Mandy is feeling better and that this round of chemo doesn't wipe her out too badly. Give her hugs from her kansas friends and tell her she is in our prayers!