Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A different new plan

When Mandy was about 4 I used to wear a pair of scrubs for jammies frequently. I had borrowed(stolen) them from her hospital at the time. She had vomited all over my clothes. plus, if you have paid a hospital $23.95 per Tylenol dose I figure they owe me comfy sleepwear, plus, the nurse who gave them to me said I could keep them. This particular pair of scrubs has MD emblazoned across the leg. Mandy, after studying the initials on my leg asked, "Momma...MD? It means Mommy Doctor, right?" Sadly, no, baby. I am not actually a doctor and I don't play one on TV.

So, my whole, let's call CHOP and ask if we can borrow their protocol for Carboplatin desensitazation thing? Yea, not so much what is going to happen.

We had Mandy's appointment with her neuro-oncologist today. She, in no uncertain terms, does not want to try to desensitize her. She feels it is just too risky and that we are playing with things like hypoxic brain injury and full blown anaphylaxis. Given that neither of those really sound like a fun way to spend an afternoon, Mandy will be switching protocols altogether.

She has now stopped the Vincristine/Carboplatin and will be starting a new chemo drug called Vinblastine in their place. She will start back on chemo next week. Her MRI has been moved up to get a new baseline for the new protocol. This drug will be given once a week, every week with no breaks for at least the next year.

Bloodcounts were fine all in all today. Some funky things with some atypical Lymphocytes, but likely just a rebound thing from 6 months of chemo.

That's all and I am too tired to be more eloquent. So, I am of to bed.

Love to all~

So, there ya have it. Another new plan and scans around the corner.


Jennifer Lehmann said...

Praying the new plan is THE plan.

Sean Covais family said...

Hi Mandy!

We just wanted to say hi to you and tell you just how beautiful you are! Everytime we see you, you are smiling, and it is lovely! Have a great day!

Love the Covais family