Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's 11:22 pm, Do you know where your oncology patient daughter is?

Well now, she is home. But, we had an unexpected detour to the ER tonight. Mandy has developed a fever, about 102 at one point. So, off we went to the hospital for blood cultures and counts. Counts were fine, so they gave her Tylenol and sent us home.

It used to be a mandatory 72 hour admission for fevers, no matter what the counts were. They have decided that now the rule is that if counts are okay they send you home. The reasoning behind this being that if there is no infection the kids are better off not in the hospital risking exposure to God knows what. It is a hospital after all. It is where sick people go. So, we are back at home now. They did leave her port accessed, which is good. At least they won't have to stick her again tomorrow.

How this will or will not affect tomorrow's scheduled MRI remains to be seen. More on that tomorrow.

We were supposed to go to Orlando this weekend for the American Cancer Society's Families ROCK weekend. Now, not so much. Don't want to risk exposing all the other kids there to whatever funk it is we have in our house right now. And, I don't want to be that far away from our hospital in case we need them.

Laundry list of prayers for you tonight...pray they can still do the scans tomorrow. Pray she kicks this bug quickly and doesn't require a hospital admission. Pray the scans show some good news. Pray her counts can hold strong against whatever funk it is she is fighting. You get the idea. If you want to make up one that I didn't account for, feel free.

Thanks for checking on her.

Love to all~

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