Friday, June 13, 2008

Me and Dr Google

She is still polka dotted. But not looking quite so much like the one eyed, one horned, flying, purple people eater she was yesterday, so that's improvement. She has been on Benadryl every six hours today. I gave her one last dose before bed tonight and will see how she does tomorrow.

I did my version of, "I'm not a Doctor but I play one on TV" last night and consulted my favorite physician: Dr Google. I have learned through that and the other moms of optic glioma patients that while a carboplatin reaction isn't common per se, it isn't uncommon either. Most patients tend to do well premedicating with Benadryl and a steroid and then doing the infusion over a longer time, say 3 hours instead of 1 to let that drug drip in. So, we will see what the Docs have to say and I will make those suggestions, if they don't already have those ideas.

I am surprised she was awake and even mildly coherent today. If I had that much Benadryl I would be snoring loudly and offensively while drooling on my pillow. Mandy, on the other hand was awake, slow, but awake. Astounding.

We are supposed to head over to Orlando tomorrow, but we will wait to see how Mandy is tomorrow. We aren't supposed to leave until the afternoon, which is good.

Alannah has her audition for next year's youth orchestra tomorrow morning and then a studio rehearsal for her dance recital tomorrow afternoon. Here's to hoping she doesn't get them confused and play Mozart on her viola at her Hiphop dance practice and dance to "Apple Bottom Jeans" at her youth orchestra audition!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thanks as always for checking on her. Love to all~

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Mum said...

I too am well acquainted with Dr Google, staying up into the wee hours scaring the living daylights out of myself. How I miss those days of going to bed early with a good book and not a care in the world. Cancer sucks.

I am sorry to read that Mandy had such a scary day yesterday. It sounds like a very horrible ordeal and I'll be hoping that next time it will all go smoothly. Scott once had a major, and very scary, allergic reaction to Reglan. For a short time he turned into the girl from the Exorcist. He is also VERY allergic to Dapsone. Anyhow, Im waffling on too long, just really wanted to stop by and say hello. :)

Take care Mandy and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.