Thursday, June 12, 2008

Because I can't say it any better

From my 13 year old daughter, Alannah, whose writing skills I wish I had:

Did you know that anger has a smell?

A feel, a taste, a sound?

The stench of stress and pain

The salty taste of held-back tears

The strained sound of a rubber band

Stretched to its breaking point.

Oh, yes, anger is tangible

Tangible and terrible and painful

But here's the thing about anger:

Anger is the absence of emotion.

Or, better, the suppression of it.

And maybe there's a cure

And maybe that cure--

Is sadness.

Sadness is the opposite of anger

A conglomeration of twisted, complicated feelings

And so the release of sadness is the absence of anger.

So that whole "don't cry" thing--

That's a load of crap.

Cry. Just don't cry alone.