Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dreams and Itches

Mandy is still a bit itchy and somewhat polka dotted. We are pretty sure if you connect the dots just-so on her arm you can make an alligator or a shamrock. She has not needed more Benadryl since Sunday.

We have exciting news! I got a way exciting email today from Kristin at Children's Dream Fund! Mandy will be headed to the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas at either the beginning of August or the beginning of September for three fun filled days and 2 nights. She is going to be kind enough to take the rest of us with her! :-)She is super excited! Either date should fall in a two week break from chemo period so she should be feeling as good as possible. It looks like a blast! All three of my kids were born with the optional set of gills, so anything involving that much water time makes them froth at the mouth with anticipation. We should the final date soon and the official countdown can begin! Mandy's wish trip should be a dream come true for her!

Thanks as always for checking on her! Love to all~

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