Thursday, February 5, 2009

Will work for Duraflames

I can admit it. I am easily amused. Truly. I have been known to say incredibly stupid stuff and crack myself up to the point of spewing beverages out my nose.

I know.

My parents is sooooooo proud of me.

That being said? The folks at Duraflame? THEY ARE FUNNY PEOPLE!!! Well, at least Caroline from the marketing department is funny. Cause, Caroline from the marketing department? She cracked me the heck up!!!

If you are a frequent reader you might remember The Great Duraflame Incident of 2009. Go ahead, click on that link. Relive my epic failure of a Norman Rockwell moment.

Ah yes, my kids are still traumatized, as are my dogs. Hey, what can I say? If I am going to do something, I am going to do it with panache, baby.

So a few days ago was pretty much a crummy day on a whole lot of levels.

Spilled my mocha right after I made it and didn't have time to make another one.
Tripped over the dog and hurt my toe. AGAIN.
Late getting kids to school.
Bad economy hit home in a very tangible way.
Put dinner in the crock pot. 8 hours later realized I did not turn it on.
Oh? And? An ant invasion worthy of a guest spot on the Twilight Zone, probably going for the rotting, never cooked attempt at dinner in the crockpot.

Yea, cause I am an extra special kind of smart.

It was a rough day, people.

And then I am sitting outside youth orchestra waiting for Alannah when my little-flashing-red-light-of-you-have-an-email love of my Blackberry goes off.

And then I read the only thing that managed to make me laugh so far that day:
Dear Mrs. Willis,

We recently ran across your January 16th website blog “Our Duraflame had too much flame and not enough dura”, and are relieved to hear that you conquered the thingamigig in the end so you could enjoy your Duraflame fire. We would like to send you a coupon for a free case of firelogs, but you must promise us you will check the thingamigig before lighting the fire next time. Also, we don’t recommend roasting marshmallows or any food items over the log.

Please send us your mailing address and we’ll send you the coupon. All our best to you and your family.

Best Regards,

Caroline *her last name removed to protect the innocent*

Caroline *again with the last name removal thing*
Duraflame Marketing

So, Duraflame marketing folks and the very funny Caroline, here I stand, with my left hand on my keyboard and my right hand on my heart, "I do solemnly swear to be aware of proper thingamigig placement prior to lighting my Duraflame. I promise to not grab the stupid thingamigig handle and relocate it when it is 145 degrees cause it is over your beautifully burning fire, traumatize my kids, make my neighbors dogs bark or scare cows into midnight mooing. I do hereby swear to always light it only on the arrows and eat my marshmallows untoasted."

Does this mean I score my case of Duraflames now?


In other news, Mandy's fundraiser is coming along nicely. My friend Anissa over at has donned her Super-Fundraising-Hero cape and has come up with a fun way of donating and advertising your blog or favorite website. Go take a peek at her site. We are still looking for raffle and auction donations. In the next week or so, we are even going to put up a list of items and take online orders and payments for raffle tickets and maximum bids for auction items. That's right, we will stalk your favorite items for you while you sit at home basking in the glow of your Duraflame fire. Whatcha think of them apples?

Chemo went well this week. Mandy's counts were lowish, but not alarmingly so by any means. Her ANC was down to 970, but everything else was in normal range. Her fatigue is improving, but still there. I suspect it is just an accumulation of chemo. She has had chemo every single week for almost 5 months now. That is a whole lotta benevolent poison to pump into one little body.

Love to all~


Sarah said...

Yowza! You mean I'm not supposed to roast marshmallows over my Duraflame logs? That's the only place I EVER roast marshmallows! Is it toxic, or what? Of course the kindly Caroline would probably issue a "no comment" on that.

I'll check out your online auction items! If I'm going to donate, I guess I'd better do so now, before I lose my job!

Tyra said...

I love the phrase "benevolent poison."

Love to you all!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That is such a funny story. Did you get your case of duraflame logs?