Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ups and Downs of Fashion

Mandy has her haute couture modeling debut coming up in a few weeks with some of the most stunning models this side of Fords Modeling Agency. Let me just say, the Sports Illustrated girls, got nothin' on these girls. The are more beautiful than any of those models and tougher than any athlete who ever graced it's pages.

The Pediatric Cancer Foundation is hosting it Fashion Funds the Cure fashion show in a few weeks. The models are oncology kids. As part of the preparation the girls all got to hang out at Saks Fifth Avenue for a few hours and pick out their outfits, get a manicure and have their makeup done.

Lemme just say, Mandy better make a bootyload of money herself, or marry really well. Cause she? Could so get used to this.

The day started with a chauffeur driven Mercedes. Mandy and I with our lovely chauffeur.

She choose about 10 different dresses to try on and struck a pose with each one. She had numerous colors of shades to go with the various outfits and one super cute pink Juicy Couture bag that had darn well better go with whatever outfit she chose, cause she loved it.

Dress number one

Dress number two

My favorite dress

The dresses just kept comin'

THE dress, but the paparazzi needed to back off and not ruin the surprise.

Somewhere, somehow, I went wrong though. I failed as a mom, as a role model, as a woman, even. I will forever hang my head in shame. I will, from that day forward, walk a little slower, hold my shoulders a little less firmly, speak a little quieter. I tried. I did. I tried to teach her the ways of the world. Lead her down the right path. But, alas, it was all for naught. Because when it came right down to it. I failed my little girl. When she was given unlimited access to all the shiny, happy joy and goodness that Saks has to offer, the thing she was most excited about, the thing that made her the most giddy was being able to do this.

All day.

Over and over and over.

She loved the clothes,

she loved the makeover,

she even loved the mannequins.

But, more than anything, above all else, she loved the escalator.

I am indeed a failure. I promise to try to do better. Oh and? She put on a whole lot of purple sparkly eyeshadow right before we walked out the door. *Sigh* The fashion force? It ain't so strong with that one.

But, my purple sparkly eyeshadow wearing, escalator riding, goofy girl had a great time. Thanks, Amanda and Lindsey at Pediatric Cancer Foundation for making these girls feel like the superstars they are.

Love to all~


Tina said...

It sounds like Mandy had a much deserved day of pampering! And I guess the old saying holds true kids will be kids!! Please let her know, her adoring fans think she looks great in all the dresses!

WendyCinNYC said...

That sounds like such fun. I like riding escalators, too--especially walking down the up escalator.

Yeah, I'm a good role model.

NF Endurance Team said...

Too funny! Hope the fundraiser is a success.

Andrea Cook said...

I'm checking in and catching up. I'm so glad the fundraiser was a major success. Your posts at the 5 minute... are great and amazing and the last was truly touching. Your Mandy is absolutely adorable and such a smile! Will we see you in DC in a month?

COLE Prayer Team -

Hugs of love, Andrea