Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday concerns

So, Thursday...another has come and almost gone. Ours started out nicely. Lithia Springs, the elementary school that the kids used to go to, had their AR carnival today. Mandy's former 1st grade teacher invited her to come up and join them! So, we went and Mandy got her face painted, got a butterfly tattoo, saw all her old buddies and teacher. Thank you Mrs Shawah for including her in that today! She had a great time!

After that, we were off to clinic. She did okay today. Her bloodcounts were decent. Nurse Vicki had some concerns about some other things, as did I. Mandy had a 'not quite firing on all cylinders' kind of day today. She had squat for short term memory and her speech was slightly slurred. My Mom called to talk to her while we were at clinic and after Mandy had talked to her and I got back on the phone, my mom said, 'She doesn't sound all there today.' So, you get the idea, it was pretty obvious all in all. This isn't entirely new in our world. This sort of thing has happened before. It certainly could be a tumor progression issue, but it could also just be some neuro symptoms popping back up.

They tried to move her impending MRI up, per the Docs orders last week. But, the day hospital is full and has no openings at all. In order to get her in sooner, they would have to admit her, and frankly no one wants that. Putting an immune compromised kid in a building with a bunch of sick people and their germs, not a great idea, if it can be avoided. We are in single digit days until that appointment. So, it was decided to just wait until the scheduled appointment. Vicki did go talk to one of the Docs today after she saw these things happening with her. Given that it isn't completely new symptoms, he agreed to not be admitted and wait for the appointment. Though we left on strict orders to call immediately if symptoms changed or worsened. So, there ya have it.

When we got home, the Popcorn Fairy had been here! :-) Our great friend, Tracy had picked up a bunch of popcorn for Mandy. Mandy was giddy! She was the game show winner girl on the Price is Right who just won the new microwave oven and bouncing around and grinning! :-) Thanks, Tracy for thinking of her. My good buddy, Kelly, stopped by and hung out with us for a while. And Julie brought us a yummy dinner of chicken parmigiana for dinner tonight. The good friends in our lives are a blessing for which we are eternally grateful. We love you all!

On a funny note, we were eating dinner tonight and Mandy says, 'Do I get to pick dinner the night before my MRI?' She has to be NPO(no food or drink after midnight the night before until after the scan is done) so we always let her choose dinner, in hopes that she will gorge herself and be able to stave off hunger a while longer during the long day the next day. So, I say, 'Yes, baby, you can choose dinner the night before. What do you want?' Any guesses? Come on, you know you know...her answer....'I want to go to Carrabba's!' Well, duh, of course you do. Cracked us all up. If we could just get them to serve a popcorn appetizer, it would be Nirvana for her. Popcorn and cheese ravioli from Carrabba's, just how long can one eat only these items? Stay tuned.When we figure out the answer, we will let you know.

Thanks as always for checking on her. Love to all~

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