Tuesday, May 13, 2008

From Alannah

We had our friends the Mayhew's (sadly minus a Mayhew Dad who had to head back to work in Alabama) over to play on Mother's Day. Anissa, Ma Mayhew(an homage to your budding 'Bama roots) has become a very special friend. They have three fabulous kids, the youngest of whom, Peyton, is fighting leukemia. The kids swam like fools all day long. Upon leaving, Alannah sat down at the computer and wrote this down. In 5 minutes, she wrote this....I can't put together one single articulate sentence in that amount of time. Anyway, all is okay here with Mandy. We go in for bloodwork, but no chemo on Thursday and then to the Children's Cancer Center for Group on Thursday night. So, cause I have no news to report and because this is just the kind of Mom I am....more from Alannah...

And as I sit with five candles flickering before me like stars

I remember Peyton's laugh, soap bubbles, pearls, from her mouth.

And as I sit with the keyboard beneath my fingers

I wonder what else there is to say.

And as I sit with the world in a box in front of me

I marvel at the number of people who don't know.

And as I sit with life all around me

I am amazed at how fast life can disappear.

And as I sit unscarred by tragedy

I hope that I can remain so unblemished forever.

And as I sit with love enfolding me

I feel for the people who don't have that luxury.

And as I sit with no sickness inside of me

I see my little sister's face at the forefront of a line of people who do.

And as I sit with the means to tell the world three feet away from me

I pour hope into my body from the pitcher we all share

As improbable as it seems.

Thanks for checking in on her. Hope and love to all~

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