Saturday, May 31, 2008

Feeling pretty good

Friday was a pretty good Friday all in all. She made it through the day without vomiting, which is good. She was way pale and super tired, but content to lay on the couch and watch tv. She took about a 3 hour nap on Friday and today seems to be running at pretty close to full speed.

We did sneak out of the house briefly yesterday to go pick out pictures from the last week. Betty Huth of Huth and Booth Photography here in Brandon did a family picture for us. They did a great job and were super with the kids. I spent about 20 minutes trying to fluff Mandy's hair and make it look a lot fuller than it is and through the glory of white light and Photoshop, Betty was able to lose the circles under her eyes, etc. They were absolutely great to work with and the end result is the new picture above! Check out the family picture on the photo page too. We really love it! Thanks, Betty and Ed for a beautiful lasting memory.

We are having a delightfully quiet, lazy weekend. There's plenty to be accomplished, if we wanted to, but we've decided we don't want to. It can wait. Seems like a good time for a breather.

Thanks as always for checking on her! Love to all~

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