Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She is not her hair

Mandy has brought me handfuls of strands of hair on three separate occasions today, saying, "My hair is falling out, Momma." She seems okay with it. I find this timing a bit odd, given that she has had two weeks off from treatment. But it is definitely consistently thinning. I think it is still not terribly noticeable if you don't know. I am more okay with it that I was a few weeks ago and I think she is too. Maybe it won't all go, but I rather doubt it. We shall see.

Back to chemo on Thursday for both Carboplatin and Vincristine. I am worried about how she will handle going back on it after a two week break. Hoping it isn't rough for her. It's an odd thing for me...I have been nervous without chemo....at least then we are doing something active to combat this. There is a certain really odd level of uneasiness that went with this break. The sane part of me knows that is ridiculous...chemo is cumulative. It adds up on you, so a break isn't really a break. If that makes any sense.

I seem to be having one of those days. Don't know why ... just feeling emotional and out of sorts today, for no real reason. I am worried about her MRI in two weeks. I am worried because the platelets were so much lower last week and how they will respond when we reintroduce the chemo on Thursday. Worried about a bunch of stuff, for no real obvious reason. Just a huge sense of impending doom ... I hate that. I suspect I am just tired.

Thanks as always for checking on her. Love to all~

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