Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next week

Mandy has been feeling good since we got home from the hospital, which is good, in the vast majority of ways. In a few ways, it is almost more concerning. If the event on Sunday had led into a bout with a stomach bug or the flu or whatever, it would have explained a lot. But, she feels fine.

I have spoken with the NF clinic in Orlando, where she was just seen about a month ago. At the time, they expressed a great deal of concern about the left parietal lobe area. They felt like it was going to definitely require intervention at some point.

I wasn't quite prepared for that "at some point" to be quite so soon.

The docs over there want a second MRI and feel at this point that most likely a biopsy of that area will be in order.

So, we have several appointments next week, over to Orlando for an MRI, Tampa for what is supposed to be her last chemo before a break, back over to Orlando to have a round table discussion with all the docs to come up with the proper plan.

It will be a difficult week ahead.

As always, we are so thankful for all our friends who continue to amaze me with just how much, how willingly and how often they are willing to step up and help however needed. When I sign off on these posts with "Love to all~" know that those are not just words. It is a statement of just how blessed you make us feel. You all show us so much love and we are truly grateful for each and everyone one of you. Please know we love you all right back.

Love to all~

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Mandy is feeling OK. I hope you get all the results and news soon.