Thursday, October 1, 2009


It has been one helluva week. And one I promise to recap in greater detail later. But, today let's leave it at the text I sent out after Mandy's appointment in Orlando today.

No surgery! No biopsy! No more chemo!! Right now, she is officially OFF TREATMENT! And right now, that ROCKS!!

All of those things MAY come to be at one point or another. There may be surgery someday. There may be a biopsy someday. There may be more chemo someday.

But, today nineteen long months of chemo comes to a successful end. And today? Is all that ever really matters. And today, is good! Really, really, really good.

Love to all~


Mariajo said...

I'm really happy for you! Enjoy your freedom!

Susan said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the moment, Natalie. Y'all SO deserve it. Love you!