Sunday, September 20, 2009

Update from Room 261

A room actually opened up on the oncology floor. So, we stayed. The nurses on the floor are leaning toward seizures. Her bloodwork is all out of whack.
ANC 1920(oddly high), Platelets 339, WBC 4.95(oddly high)

ANC 1120, Platelets 279, WBC 2.36 (much more normal on all account)

ANC 4620, Platelets 272, WBC 6.0 (freakishly high on everything, except platelets, which are a little low from her norm)

We haven't seen number like that since she has been in treatment. EVER. Apparently, sometimes seizures can elevate the white count. Who knew? Something to do with the stress it puts on the body, which makes sense, I suppose. So, we will know more tomorrow when they do her counts. I am told the anti viral she was on would not increase those.

She is feeling 100% tonight. I would be happier if she were sick, frankly. Because this came on so suddenly and left so completely it is more concerning for what it COULD be then if she had, say, the stomach flu.

So, we are here for tonight. Suspect at least an EEG and possibly and MRI also will be ordered tomorrow. CT today showed no acute changes. But, CT's and MRI's don't always show the same thing. More accurately, and MRI shows more.

So, for at least tonight and part of tomorrow, we are residents of Room 261.

Wonderful friends stepped up and took Alannah and Zachary as Ronnie has to leave for Canada tomorrow at like 4am or something crazy.

That's about all I know for now. Thanks so much for all your prayers and love.

Love to all~

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