Monday, September 21, 2009

Update from Room 261, again

We had a neurology consult this morning. She believed it could have been a seizure and wanted an EEG. Oncology also came in and said they wanted an MRI and agreed with the EEG. Her counts are all back down to normal(for her) range again. The white count was back down to 3.36 at 4am today from 6.0 in the ER last night. ANC was back down to 1100 from 4620 last night. No one is quite sure what to do with that. The ER doc had told me that sometimes a seizure can falsely elevate the white count. But, I don't know how common, or even accurate, that is.

So, the plan as it stands right now is this: She has been put on NPO status(no food or drink) for the next 4 hours. They will first do an MRI. The CT they did last night would only show things like fluid or pressure, not necessarily tumor growth. The MRI will show that, if there is any to show, which hopefully there isn't.

After that they will hook her up for an EEG for about 24 hours. The neurologist will then review that and determine if she wants it for an additional 24 hours or not.

She is still feeling fine, is bored out of her head and now hungry. Hopefully, these tests will give us something to go on. I am hoping maybe the really bizarre bloodwork will give them some ideas...but, I don't know. I am just really hoping and praying this isn't the start of something like what happened back in '05 that no one was ever able to figure out, diagnose or treat.

At this point, I am just hoping for answer and not to have that nasty cycle she had back that start up again.

We love our hospital and doctors, the one thing that is a bummer is that there are no private rooms, even on the oncology floor. So, we are about to be joined by a 3yo roommate.

That's about all I know for now. Will update later when I know more.

Love to all~


Anonymous said...

Natalie I am off to work but just wanted to check in on Mandy and was happy to see you updated her blog. Glad to hear she is at least feeling better and hopefully tonight you might have a few answers either way. How cute that she held the menu just to view the food knowing it was not going to be happening. My prayers continue to be with you, God Bless, Angel toni

Dan Cohen said...

I am thinking of Mandy and all of you and praying for Mandy and all of you.

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