Friday, January 2, 2009

True Confessions...

Ok, a few things you should know...

1) I will likely never be on time. For anything. Ever.

2) I am opinionated. Though I will never be on time, I will always have an opinion about whatever it was that caused me to be late.

3) I have an addiction. And though the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, I have no intention to even try to fix my addiction. Suffice it to say, if I could just mainline my Starbucks Mochas, I would. A bad day for me can be measured in mochas. A one-mocha day is just any given Tuesday. A two-mocha day ... that's a rough day. A three-mocha day, well, the apocalypse is nigh, my friends. The Emergency Broadcast System will be activated. Consider grabbing your loved ones, a can of pork and beans and the Bible and heading for the cellar.

and 4) I have no patience. At all. Now, I can be incredibly patient with kids, and animals. But, waiting for anything that isn't, well, sweet and cute ... not so much my strong point.

All of this leads to Mandy's MRI today. All went well with the scan. And now? Well, it's Friday. This means that we will be waiting through the weekend for results. Possibly until Tuesday and be still my heart, even, Wednesday.

That? Right there? Is something I am not patient with. At all.

I came home with a disk of the scans and popped it in my computer and used that medical degree I bought for $19.95 off of a matchbox that came in a plain brown wrapper. To do what? Well, nothing, really. Do I think I know what I see? Sometimes. Do I actually know what I see? Well, probably not. Because, contrary to what I like to delude myself into believing, I am not actually a doctor.

So, all of this to say, Mandy is happy, feeling fine and recovering beautifully from her anesthesia, which is always scary due to her malignant hyperthermia. Thankfully, she doesn't give a rat's behind when the results come back. So, that's good.

Me? On the other hand? Well, let's just say, Starbucks might be a good investment this weekend.

Love to all~

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Tiff Martin said...

Thank you very much for her gift that was very sweet she loves it.Does your daughter enjoy playing in the orchestra,from the picture she looks like she is good at it.I enjoyed playing.Of course now it's get dusty in the corner at home.Hope all is well,thank you again!
Tiff Martin(Brooke says hi)