Thursday, January 15, 2009


Chemo was good this week.

Wow. What a remarkably oxymoronic sentence that was.

Ok, let me rephrase. Chemo was uneventful this week. Good is a word reserved for all things cute and happy. Mandy's counts were good ANC 1110, Hemoglobin 10 and platelets 356. Mandy was her usual bouncy, crazy happy self. I swear that child teaches me everyday how to find joy in the most obscure places.

We talked with her neuro-oncologist about the most recent scans. Basically, she concurred with the report.

The gist:
Optic glioma= stable
Left Parietal Lobe lesion= unsure, but probably glioma. Wouldn't know for sure without biopsying and that ain't gonna happen.
Myelin Vacuolozation= is what it is

This was week 17 of a planned 52 week protocol. That could be extended if there is a lot of shrinkage, or if things were growing, or if the wind was blowing out of the east on the third Tuesday of the month.

She has been exceptionally exhausted the last two days. We got home from chemo and she slept from 2pm until 6:30pm. She was back in bed by 11pm and slept until 11:30 am. And then topped it all off with a nap from 2 until I woke her up at 5. This can't really be explained by her blood counts, because those were lovely. So, not really sure what that's about. She feels fine, when she's awake.

Mandy had a special date tonight. She went to a hockey game with a very special friend and had a blast! Mandy even got to make a appearance on the big tv! This, made her day, her week, her year!!! Thanks, Lisa for making her feel so special. You are truly made of awesome!

That's about it from here.

Love to all~

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