Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have an Aunt who serves Musgo for dinner every so often. And though it sounds like it might be a German delicacy, it is actually something far less exotic. Truly it is combination of whatever leftovers are, well, leftover. Leftovers, after all, MUST GO. Hence the name.

So, rather than admit I have not had time to post and have therefore let a lot of stuff go unsaid, I choose to call this a Musgo post...an odd combination of all the leftovers I haven't posted in the last several days. Think of it like a healthy dinner of lasagna, with creamed peas, fruit salad, and blueberry muffins. An odd combo certainly, but it will hopefully fill you up anyway.

So, here's your lasagna:
The kids and I got to participate with our good buddies in the Gasparilla Parade. This is a crazy Tampa tradition celebrating the fictitious invasion of Tampa Bay by the pirate, Gaspar. Sounds fun right? Well, it is. Especially when you are doing it in the name of a great charity like the Pediatric Cancer Foundation.

Allll good, all the time. Right?


Right up until you are told the dress code for the event.

That would be corsets for the momma's...for those of you taking notes. Oh, and boas. Cause really? If you are going to wear a corset, why not drape a boa around it?

Mandy dressed as a princess, cause well, she's Mandy.

Zachary was a pirate. Aaarrggghhh!

And Alannah? Oh yea.....she was way FIRED UP about wearing a corset. And all her friends were alllll jealous of her corset wearing weekend. Who knew corsets were so popular with the teenage set?

Her mean old momma made her wear a shirt underneath it, because...HELLO!? It's a corset! And she's 14. And frankly, that combo is significantly less palatable than lasagna and creamed peas.

We had a great time, threw a ton of beads, and other than a couple of blisters from walking in high heel pirate boots, everyone had a ball! Thanks to Les Belles Femmes Krewe for having us!!

Now on to side dishes of creamed peas and fruit salad:

There is a fundraiser being planned for Mandy's Fund, which is housed at the Children's Cancer Center. The wonderful people at Lithia Springs Elementary are putting together a fund raising booth for Mandy in conjunction with their Family Fun Fair. We will be selling a fun little gadget for the kiddos, that have been graciously donated. More info will follow soon. But for right now, save the date, 2/21, and we hope to see you there. Thanks so much to LSES PTA, we love you guys!!!

And for the blueberry muffins....Zachary has been fighting a fever for the past few days. Mandy is still dealing with the excessive fatigue that I mentioned recently. Clinic and chemo tomorrow for her, hopefully her counts will still not show anything going on. Zachary, I am pretty sure is dealing with some icky virus. Hopefully, he can kick it soon and feel better. If he doesn't seem to be on the upswing by Thursday we will head him off to the pediatrician also.

That's about it for the odd, disjointed menu...

I promise to try to be a little more eloquent next time. But hey, at least you got some cute kid pictures, right?

Love to all~


Anissa Mayhew said...

ohhh, NICE! You'll notice I made a concerted effort not to promote your corset wearing to MY readers, thankyouverymuch.

Sarah said...

That is the most awesome corset! Even the wonderous Miracle Bra could never give me the kind of cleavage required for that costume! I'd have to do the old middle school stuff-it-with-Kleenex trick. Not that I ever did such a thing.....