Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Tis the Season

I know, I know.

It has been over a week since I updated.

Feel free to send me a virtual rap-on-the-knuckles with a ruler. (I didn't actually go to Catholic school, but I've heard stories.)

Either way, my apologies. I have the same excuse that all the rest of you do. Apparently, Christmas? It comes right after Thanksgiving. Like say, oh, now-ish. Go figure, huh?

So, in our house, this time of year means two things:

1)It means 9.3 million Christmas plays and musical concerts. Apparently, in addition to the usual run of surprising developments in the last few weeks, I am also emerging as a stage mom. Again, who knew?

2)My kids have all fallen victim to SAH, otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Hysteria. You might be familiar with it. Children who are normally of above-average intelligence and who are generally well-behaved LOSE THEIR DAMN MINDS because they are drunk on Christmas spirit. (Does anyone have a tranquilizer dart or two I can borrow? Just askin'.)

So, medical stuff first. Essentially, no news is good news. Her blood counts are sort of trending down-ish, but not in an alarming way. Her ANC was 960 (low-ish) today and Hemoglobin 9.8 (low-ish) and platelets were 364 (high-ish). Chemo has gone off without a hitch for the last two weeks. She was loud and happy and enthusiastic today and had a ball playing UNO with a volunteer. So, all is well there.

So, for phase one of "what-happens-this-time-of-year," Zachary had a very theatrical week. He was cast as Linus (dressed in shepherds clothes) in the church Christmas play. He had to learn and recite alllllllllllllllll of Luke 2. The chapter, not just some verses. I was just so darned proud of him, I can't stand it!(See there? That's the stage mom thing.) He did great, never messed up once and looked poised and confident.

Mandy was originally supposed to be cast as Mary. But she was switched to a role as an angel, which was GREAT with her, because, to quote the diva herself, "The angel has a MUCH better wardrobe."

With four shows over three days, I had plenty of time to practice my new stage-mom persona. It's not as much fun as it sounds; it's basically a whole lotta time sitting backstage and in the green room watching Joseph, some shepherds and some wise men play Nintendo DS.

The angel shared her DS knowledge with Mary in the giving spirit of the season.

And for phase two of what-happens-this-time-of-year, Mandy had had just about enough by the last performance. I should have known. She gave me clues and I just was not paying close enough attention. I blame myself. They were not even subtle signs. For instance, "Ya know, Momma, when Zachary says And Lo the angel of the Lord came upon them and said..., well, I am the angel. Shouldn't I say that part?" But, nooooooooo, I didn't see it coming. Suffice it to say, if that child is on a stage, someone darn well better be looking at her! So, in an effort to bring some audience love her way, she decided to play the world's happiest angel.

So, she started giggling.

And giggling.

And acting all coy and flirty.

And giggling.

She smiled, she giggled some more. I am pretty sure she batted her eyelashes at one point.

So poor Zachary is up there being all, "Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy..."

And the crowd? Well, they are laughing, guffawing and chuckling at the happiest little angel you ever did see.

She's a thief, my daughter. An angel-wing-wearing, coy-acting, audience-flirting, giggling little scene-stealer.

Mercifully, Zachary was still feeling the good tidings of great joy when he exited stage left. He was happy and pleased with his performance, but did ask, "what on Earth was so funny?" He took it well when I explained his sister was full of, um, uh, Christmas joy.

This was a fortunate break because had a fist fight broken out between the angel and a shepherd ... well, that's just not very Christmas-y, now is it?

Lather, rinse, repeat on phase one. Zachary's school Christmas play. He played Danny Elfman (composer of such great works as the theme to Batman, among others.) He was a hoot!! And now he desperately wants to take acting lessons at the Performing Arts Center. Yeah, being a stage mom doesn't pay well enough for me to pull that one off!

Tomorrow, we are double-booked with Alannah's orchestra concert and the Christmas party at the Children's Cancer Center. Alannah will be in one place with Daddy seeing to phase one of what-happens-this-time-of-year. Zachary and Mandy will be with me at the party allllll full of phase two of what-happens-this-time-of-year.

Love to all~

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Jennifer said...

A thief she may be, but a pretty darn cute one!!!