Thursday, December 11, 2008

HO, HO, HOly cow these guys are huge!

The Christmas season just keeps coming here.

Tonight, Alannah had her school orchestra concert and did a whole lotta this

She goes to a performing arts high school (think FAME)You're humming the song now aren't you? "FAME! I'm gonna live forever...I'm gonna learn how to fly...") The concerts at this school are right on par with a lot of professional symphonies and are very impressive.

Daddy and I did split duty tonight so while he was watching Alannah do this,

Zachary and Mandy and I were at the Children's Cancer Center Christmas party. We were surrounded by big guys tonight...Santa was doing gift giving duty with the kids. Mandy was somewhat trepidatious about the big guy, as usual. Though Zachary had no qualms at all. He walked right up and whispered, "LEGOS, please!" in the big man's ear.

And as if that big guy wasn't enough. There were yet more big guys! The defensive line from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was there tonight. All of the players were great. Though, I officially have a favorite Bucs player now. Kevin Carter, No. 93, was so good with the kids and just an absolute sweetheart with Mandy. She took one look at him in all of his hugeness and handed me the helmet to have him sign. She had this look of, "Dude you outweigh me by like 300 pounds. I am not asking you to sign ANYTHING! I am outta here!" He got down on the floor with her, complimented her dress and told her how pretty she was (he obviously knew the way to Mandy's heart) and soon, she was warming up to him. Too cute!

I was trying to get this picture and didn't have a wide enough angle to get Zachary standing in front of Greg Peterson, No. 96. So, while I was jockying around trying to get a better angle. Greg just picked Zachary up (exerting about as much energy as it takes me to pick up a Mallomar) and said, "Does, this work better?" Yup, that'll do just fine!!

One would generally not think of a support group for cancer patients and their families as a fun place to hang out. And yet? Sometimes, it is. The staff is amazing. They have become family on this journey with us. The other families are a rock for each other. We hope together, we cry together and we laugh together. I can't imagine going through this without the Center and everything and every way they have supported us and loved us. We love them all and are so fortunate to have such an amazing organization here.

Hope you are enjoying your own holiday chaos while still being filled with the peace of the season.

Love to all~


Sarah said...

I will never, ever again complain about the chaotic holiday schedule in OUR household! Even considering the fact that we do both Christmas AND Hanukkah, our December life is one long nap compared with yours! Loved the photos -- could Alannah kindly fly to the Midwest and teach Elijah the violin? I'm afraid to even TRY to sign him up for lessons......

Anissa Mayhew said...

Kevin Carter ROCKS! He has serious love from us as well.

Was fun to spend the evening with you and I didn't even get my purse stolen. HEH.

I can't WAIT to read about your experience with the excited for you guys!!

Jennifer said...

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