Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cheap attempt to distract you from the fact that I am not writing...

No time yet for a real post. But thought I would see if merely plying you with cute pictures rather trying to string together a coherent, much less deep and meaningful Christmas post would suffice for now.

It was a great holiday, filled with love and noise and messes. Truly, Mandy running around like a crazed Christmas maniac on Christmas Eve was music to my ears. She had chemo that morning and was just thrilled with all that Christmas Eve meant that night. Hearing and seeing all that joy and excitement in my kids was the best gift I could have ever asked for.

Now, on with the pictures that will hopefully distract you enough from the fact that I really didn't write anything of substance to go with it!

Zachary had a very Lego Christmas

Alannah is 14. iTunes gift cards are always cause for joy and glee for her!

Everybody got presents! Mandy loved delivering Santa's goodies to Poodle!

Mandy's favorite gift was a Mommy I Gotta Go doll. And yes, she does just what you would think she does. Seriously, she has a little toilet with faux pee and and poo in it that you get the unfettered Christmas joy of flushing away. I know. Repulsive, right?

I was more than a little disappointed that it did not come with a bidet. How on earth is this poor doll supposed to wash her hands????? In the sink? Puhleeze! Where is the creativity and originality in that?

I hope your holiday was filled with peace in your heart, joy in your home and love in your life!

Love to all~

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Sarah said...

OK, I MUST get a "gotta go" doll for my little guy. He is SO into all biological things gross and disgusting. And I'm not a mom who has issues with boys and dolls.

Great photos1