Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am SO gonna be rich!

Mandy slept until after ten this morning. She was, as always, sleeping in my bed. I woke up around 8, decided that really, being awake, was highly over rated. Zachary had slept over at a buddy's house. Alannah, come on, really? She's 14. The only way she sees any morning time is if I go in and start throwing stuff at her and pretend there is a fire alarm or that Johnny Depp is in my living room asking to take her to prom. So, given that no one else was awake, I thought I should follow their lead and went back and laid in bed with Mandy, kind of dozing on and off. She woke up finally about 10:15 and says, "Good morning Mommy. I feel great this morning! Can we go for a walk?"

"Uhhhhhhhhh, sure. That would require me actually getting dressed, but yeah, sure, we can go for a walk."

This sudden urge to have me exercise stems from the jogging stroller that was dropped off in my living room while we were at chemo yesterday, courtesy of Anissa. Mandy's neuropathy has been bothering her somewhat and this will be a good thing to have. She wanted to take it for a spin. RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW, thankyouverymuch! Mercifully, for me, I heard thunder before I took extraordinary measurements, like putting on a bra and brushing my teeth. So, sorry, baby, gotta scratch the walk right now. Mandy, being Mandy, decided there must be a work around.

If you can't bring Mandy to the walk, bring the walk to Mandy. She went and got the stroller. She pushed the stroller through the house. She ran over the dog's foot, bumped into the cat, put a loveseat in serious jeopardy and had to put on an oxygen mask to get over Mt Laundry but in the spirit of all the great adventurers and explorers who came before her, she persevered and accomplished her goal. She parked the stroller in front of the tv, in my bedroom, planted her proverbial flag and settled in for a good round of iCarly on Nickelodeon. Pretty soon she decided she wanted to watch it on the big tv in the family room. So, she put her Danimal(a yogurt drink for those not in the know about such things) in the cupholder and scaled Mt Laundry again and relocated her little piece of stroller paradise to the family room. She parked it in front of the tv. She got her Danimal back out of the cup holder. And then? THEN...she reachs into the back pocket of the stroller (where the Mommies put their purses, etc) and pulls out...the REMOTE CONTROL. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, nicely played my dear daughter. The force is strong with that one, I tell ya.

By the way, coffee, when it comes out your nose from laughing, hurts. Just in case you were wondering. I know this from experience.

There is sooooooooo a multi million dollar money making idea in there somewhere. I can see the ad campaign now. "The Sports Fanatic Mobile Viewing Comfort Lounger. With two handy cup holders for your beer and salsa and convenient carrying pouch for your chips and remote. Accesories such as cheerleader to chauffeur you to kitchen for refills and attached Bud Light cooler not included. And as an added special gift, if you order right now, we will through in a year of NFL Sunday ticket for only $199. Never let anyone get your chair or a better view of the tv again for the big game, just take it with you everywhere you go. The Sports Fanatic Mobile Viewing Comfort Lounger...the ulitmate in relaxation." Rich, I'm telling you, I am going to be rich! I can see the wicked demolition derby in my living room when multiple folks are vying for the best view possible. It could get really ugly, really quickly. The dog should definitely hide. I am going to need to remember to put that in the fine print..."Please use your Sports Fanatic Mobile Viewing Comfort Lounger responsibly. Always ask someone else to drive you to the kitchen if you have had too many beers. Also, use care and caution for furniture, pets and friends and family members when driving and parking your Sports Fanatic Mobile Viewing Comfort Lounger. We, at the Lazy Willis Inc., are not responsible for accidents."

Mandy does feel great today and is functioning at just about 100%. She is anxious to go to the Center for group tonight. She is loud and goofy and silly and happy. No tummy meds needed and she actually ate.

I am SO not pushing that stroller all the way from here to the Center. Not unless she lets me use one of the cupholders anyway.

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Meghan said...

I can see that entire scene playing in my brain like you guys are right next to me :) We think about you guys every day.