Friday, July 25, 2008

Dream Countdown!

There is nothing quite so cute as a 7 year old sitting on the couch reading a Frommer's travel book. She is so excited she just can't stand it and she doesn't even know the details yet! We will be flying out of Orlando on Bahama Air on Friday morning Aug 7 and staying at the Atlantis resort Fri night, Sat night and Sun night and coming home Monday evening.

Kristin with The Children's Dream Fund has just been amazing!She is Mandy's dream coordinator and we just adore her! When she gives us the itinerary and so forth, it is actually a little party. There will be cake and ballons and so forth! Her dream will be delivered at the Chic Fil A on Lumsden in Brandon next Wednesday! She is so excited!

You might want to buy some more RAM now, or think about upgrading your internet server to handle the onslaught of pictures that is sure to follow the dream presentation as well as the actual dream trip! WARNING: I am one of THOSE moms that think that just about every picture that has either the ocean or my kids in it is cute. And yea, all three of my kids on an island in the Caribbean....this does not bode well for anyone trying to put up with reading this site with dial up!
So here we sit T minus 13 days and 3 minutes to blast off. Not that we are watching the clock or anything! :-)

Love to all~

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Jennifer said...

I wish I lived closer so I could be at the Chick Fil A to see the presentation!! Heck - I wish I could sneak into your suitcase and go to Atlantis with you guys! I'll be prayng everything goes smoothly and waiting to see the pictures!!!

MRI was today. She was not a happy camper since they didn't sedate her this time. We should have the results in a few days.