Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Downs and Ups

I was so sure Mandy wouldn't make counts(ANC)today that I packed my great big bag of everything with less everything then usual. Normally we need a small herd of pack mules to carry it all in to clinic. Today, I was playing with karma's head. Figured if I didn't come prepared, she would make counts. If I did, she wouldn't. They were so sure at clinic that when they did rounds this morning, they all but wrote today off as Mandy was coming in for a CBC, but wouldn't make counts so wouldn't be doing her usual 8-9 hour chemo day. Never under estimate Mandy's ability to come up with something the Docs didn't see coming....

We went in for a finger stick on Monday to see if she could go to Kite Camp at The Children's Cancer Center. Her counts had been in a steady downward spiral. The magic number was 500. Her ANC had to be 500 or higher to be able to attend. Her ANC? was EXACTLY 500 on Monday. Nothing like a clear cut decision. After a conversation with the Doc it was decided that she could go. She went both Monday and Tuesday and had a blast. The staff at the Center have out done themselves as always.

We went back to clinic today....for chemo, supposedly, though no one expected she would get it. Her ANC has to be at least 500 for this week of chemo. It had gone down, down, down....we fully expected it to be in toilet today...somewhere around 2-300. I didn't even carry in our less than usual, but still substantial amount of junk, because I fully expected to be told, "Thanks, but no thanks. Go home, spray everything with Lysol, including her, and come back in a week." BUT, Mandy had different plans. For once it was a time the, "Huh, didn't see that one coming" from the Docs was in our favor. Mandy's ANC was 1630! WOOHOO! So, chemo was administered and she now has two weeks off! We had a substantially smaller great big bag of everything than normal, but thankfully, she slept most of the day. One of the good things about the 8-9 hour chemo day is that she is premedicated with Benadryl, which often makes her fall asleep. That winds up being a blessing to make a very long day somewhat shorter for her. This was a huge blessing today as I had very little to keep her entertained. So she slept for several hours and then was only half awake and staring at a movie. To say she was watching it might be overstating it. The movie was on, she was looking in the general direction of the television in a Benadryl induced fog. She did great and all went well. Thank God, that she has had no more allergic reactions to the Carboplatin since we started the new pre-meds and the longer infusion.

We also got the blessing from her Doc to give the go ahead on her wish trip in two weeks!! It could certainly change at the last minute, but, right now we are awaiting final details and are very excited!! They are probably going to give her a Red Blood Cell infusion before we leave, just to be on the safe side and give her a boost. I can't wait to get the final details and watch Mandy's dream trip come true! So, watch out comes the Willis clan! We hope to leave on Aug 7(though it may not be until Aug 8) and return on Aug 10. Low counts, not withstanding, she has really been feeling pretty good recently. We are so thankful for that.

Love to all~


Jennifer said...

Ahhhhhh...this was such a GOOD post to read tonight. I'm so happy for Mandy. She's kickin' the crap out of that nasty monster and I'm SO GLAD!!! I'll keep praying for this trend to continue so the Atlantis trip remains a go!


Toni said...

Natalie, It was so good to hear that Mandy's counts were up and she was able to go to KITE Camp and also have her treatment. She is such a little trooper and keeps going strong. I know that you all need this mini vacation and I pray that all will go well over the next week and you are able to experience Atlantis and all it's fun. Take care and God Bless, Angel Toni