Saturday, July 12, 2008

Boooring...gotta love it

Not much to report on a medical front today. Mandy was feeling good. She had a friend over for a while this afternoon and they painted their nails and went swimming and played Barbies. She has a bit of a rash from the band aid again, so no more band aids for her. How you can manage to develop an allergic reaction to a band aid is beyond me, but leave it to Mandy. She is all about making sure she comes up with new and different things the Dr's haven't seen before. She did request a Benadryl when she was trying to go to sleep as the itching was driving her batty.

Alannah is home from camp and had a great time, though she was ready to come home. Her concert was last night and it was FABULOUS! It was so funny, having a Daddy who plays guitar, as any guitar player knows, there is one song that you must learn. It is the FIRST song you must learn, and when you go into the music store to try on guitars, (cause you think if you wear a guitar you will get lots of chicks,not that Ronnie did this, mind you) you need to know this song. It is a incredibly easy guitar lick, but still makes you look like you know things(at least to people who don't know things, such as myself). So, you can turn your little Marshall amp up just as loud as it will go, strap on your Telecaster and belt it out. You are sure to get he attention of any potential groupies hanging out in the store. I have been in the guitar store, trust me, there are groupie wannabes there every day. Name that tune? It's "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple. If you play it loud enough and wear your guitar just right, you might be able to snare yourself your very own groupie. Por Ronnie, he never got a groupie, all he got was me. He so got jipped. So, Alannah is well acquainted with the song, kind of a long standing inside joke in our house. So you can imagine how giddy she and her Daddy were when the orchestra played "Smoke on the Water" at the concert. The look on her face was priceless. She was all serious viola player with this big, goofy, about to crack up look on her face. It was absolutely hysterical!

We did a whole lotta nothing today. Hung out, went to Wal-Mart for a few groceries, made dinner and ate all five of us at the same table(novel concept lately) and played a little ROCKBAND. Again, you ain't seen funny until you have seen my husband try to rap along with Faith No More. That man doesn't even the soul my shoes do. But, by golly he has the passion to scream it at the top of his lungs. We are gonna get us a VW bus, hang some beads in the window and go out on the road. We can totally kick the snot out of the Partridge Family. By the way, in case you were wondering, I suck at Guitar. Doubt I could even pull off "Smoke on the Water." No groupies for me. Mandy and I did a killer duet of Bon Jovi though! That's my girl.

Our daily dose of cancer in your face today comes to you courtesy of Jonas Salk. Mandy was talking about how they needed to come up with a shot to make you not get cancer, or a pill you can take if you do, that cures it "in a day, a week or even a whole month, cause that's a lot less than I have to take medicine for." She was bemoaning that the Dr's would never come up with such a miracle drug. Ronnie explained to her how polio used to run rampant and now it is virtually extinct because someone invented a vaccine for it. Her words, "Well, what's the hold up? Why can't they do that for cancer?" I guarantee if I sat that girl in the lab and had her telling them to hurry the heck up every 2.3 seconds, at the top of her lungs, they would figure something out pretty darn quick. Cause her? At the top of her lungs? You can turn your little Marshall amp up just as loud as it will go, and it doesn't stand a chance against her volume capabilities. Wonder if we could get Mandy some groupies? They could come to chemo with her and hold up their lighters and sway to the soundtrack of her Nintendo DS game. Not to mention they could go get lunch for us! That would ROCK!

Tomorrow the task list awaits...lawn mowing, housecleaning, laundry doing, blahblahblah. But today we just had fun being the five of us.

Hope you had a good ordinary day too!

Love to all~


Jennifer said...

ooooooo...I'll be a groupie! I've got my lighter and my "Mandy ROCKS" T-shirt!!! Count me in! And if you ever get that VW bus and hit the road, I better be on your list of stops!! LOL!!!

Oh and by the way, I'd be happy to accompany Mandy to the lab and help her do some yelling "FIND A CURE NOWWWWWW!!!"

FLSunshine said...

You can be allergic to band-aids as some have latex in them. Look for ones without latex.