Friday, August 7, 2009

A music lesson

My house is never quiet. EVER. Even over the din of three dogs and three kids there is one constant. Music. There is always music coming from one direction or another. Often, from many directions simultaneously.

Alannah is crazy talented on her viola. She truly has a passion for it.

So much so that she just went to Strings Camp and came home after two weeks and said, "Ya know, I think I would like to go to a different camp next year. That one is too strict."

Me, all in my best reprimanding Mommy voice: "Honey, it is a fun camp but you are supposed to work. It is not all fun and games there."

Her: "No! No, What I mean is they would be all forcing us to go play football or swim or whatever when all I wanted to do was practice."

Me, now in my best smart voice: "Huh???"

Cause that's totally how I would have been. Uh-huh ... no recreation for me, no flirting with the boys, nope, I got work to do, by golly. Yup, I would be the one playing till my fingers bled in a room by myself ... or, ya know, NOT.

Zachary just got a guitar. Cause what that blonde-headed, surfer-boy-wanna-be, tan-swimmer-body, make-anybody-laugh-till-their-beverage-comes-out-their-noses, always-tell-the-girls-how-pretty-they-are, charmer needed was one more reason to make chicks dig him. *snort*

So, the boy got himself a red Fender Stratocaster and can already whip out a mean Georgia Satellites tune. Not exactly an appropriate tune, "Keep Your Hands To Yourself," but Daddy justified that as the first lesson because it was easy.

Pfft, a whole lot easier to teach that song than it is to give an answer to the boy when he asks about one line in it.

"So, Momma, what IS the story about free milk and a cow?"

My response? Again, in my best smart voice, "Huh??"

Mandy dabbles a little in piano, but her first musical love is listening to it and singing it. She needs an ipod with a screen of her own in the worst way. Girlfriend loves her some music videos and can listen, sing and watch for hours.

I wrote once before how her Neurofibromatosis was diagnosed because of a song. Rather an odd form of doctoring, if you ask me, but whatever.

One of her favorite songs used to be "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter. She loved that song before she started treatment. Then, it became a staple for chemo day. We needed an Asiago bagel from Panera with 8 butters (yes, 8), a Starbucks Triple, Venti, Nonfat, No Whip, Extra Hot Mocha for Momma, with a matching Tall ice water in a hot cup for Mandy and we needed to listen to that song at least twice en route to clinic.

If you try to play that song now, she gets very upset.

"I hate that song now. It reminds me of being sick."

So, Mr Powter, we need to talk. It's not you, it's me. But, we simply can not see each other anymore. EVER. I'm sure you can understand.

She has had many favorites, over the years... Kenny Chesney "When the Sun Goes Down" or Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffet "5 O'Clock Somewhere" and anything by Carrie Underwood. They tend to ebb and flow like favorite songs do. (And yes, I realize my girl, tends to like her some beachy,drinking music. What can I say, her Momma once called her Grandma at the age of 8 or so and sang alllllll the words to "Margaritaville.", falls pretty close to the other.)

One though... one, has remained constant. It always gets a "Turn it up, please, Momma."

"It's a Great Day to be Alive" by Travis Tritt
. Even as a wee little thing, she LOVED this song. Still does.

This song is an embodiment of her. She has taught me, oh so clearly, you make a choice. Every day. You make a choice, no matter what that day is or what it brings, the power to make it a great day is your choice. Gist of the song: No one said life was easy, but it is what you make of it and there is happiness everywhere if you are willing to see it.

What an incredible gift that outlook is. I am honored to watch these three little music lovers grow.

Treatments are down to 8 now! 75 weeks down, 8 to go. How about them apples? So guess what? We are going to have a party, in March, Spring Break-ish time. We are going luau theme because Mandy's first-choice wish trip was to go to Hawaii to learn how to hula dance. I nixed it though, because a) it was too far and would have been too much for her and b) I had visions of being mid-flight, needing a doctor RIGHTFREAKINGNOW and having only whales and the occasional giant squid as my available medical staff. No thank you. Someday,(when we win the lottery) we will get her to Hawaii for real, but in the meantime, it is grass skirts and coconut bras for everybody right here at home!

Think I can get Travis Tritt to come to the party and play his song for her? I doubt he has a bigger/cuter fan anywhere!

Love to all~

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Sarah said...

Can't wait for this party! I am SO hoping we can be there! And I'm SO jealous you have musically talented kids! That was always my one dream -- a child with an ability to play piano or violin (or, viola!). Sports? Who cares? Not my thing. (Thankfully, not Elijah's thing either.) He may yet turn out to have musical talent, but so far he cannot focus well enough for us to even try lessons. His true talent and passion seems to be .... spelling. Yes, I've been warned about the "spelling bee parents," who evidently are every bit as frightening as Little League parents. I'm scared to even see that documentary "Spellbound."

Anyway, we'd LOVE a concert featuring Alannah on viola and Zachary on guitar and Mandy on piano if we make it down there! Perhaps Elijah will be inspired!