Monday, August 17, 2009

Michael Perez

It was cold, as it always was at Lightning games. But our room was warm and loud. We were in a suite with two other pediatric oncology families. There were at least 10 kids running around and eating and yelling for the hockey game.

I sat in a chair next to Mandy, kind of watching the hockey game and kind of watching an adorable little brown-haired boy, probably about 2 years old. He was running up and down the stairs of the suite with his Momma close behind, spotting him to make sure he didn't fall.

So cute. So happy.

My heart melted.

I turned to talk, or more accurately, listen to Mandy and felt a pat on my knee. The adorable brown haired boy stood in front of me with his arms stretched up to me. The universal, "Pick me up" sign to mommas everywhere.

My heart melted.

I looked to his mom for permission. She nodded and smiled.

So, I leaned over and scooped him up onto my lap. He snuggled into my lap like he had known me forever. He stayed on my lap for most of the remainder of the game. I darn near sprained an ovary holding this adorable little man.

When we left the game, he hugged me and kissed me with the sincerity and love that only a child can.

My heart melted.

Every time I was lucky enough to see Michael after that night, he always had a hug and a kiss and a smile for me. For everyone. Most of all his momma and his big sister.

I got a call from his mom yesterday. She was calling from the funeral home. She was making arrangements to bury that beautiful little boy. He had fought long and hard against the tumor that invaded his brain. Some things can't be beaten.

My heart broke.

I am honored to have shared a few moments of that precious boy's life. He was always an angel; now he has the wings to prove it.

Rest in peace, Michael.

Love to all~


Rachel said...

I love you. Thank you so very much for sharing the story of you and Michael at the hockey game. He certainly had an affection for you.
I am honored that you are coming to celebrate his life with me on Sunday.
God bless Natalie.

Kristin said...

praying for you...
we will never stop working to find a cure. :(

Kristin, Genna & Rosie's mom

Susan said...

Oh my. I could picture this cute little boy just from your words. God bless his family in their sadness.