Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Week in Review

Yeah, yeah, I know. I haven't posted in a week or so. Cut me some slack. I've had stuff. K? Thanks.

So, when we last saw the Willis family, they had a birthday, a roof leak, mold growing, impending chemo and a chest film.

Will they patch the leak? Subdue the mold? Are they doomed to a life of remodeling? Will they leap tall, mold infested buildings in a single bound?

Let's watch and see...

The best news is that we did a chest film on Mandy at clinic on Wednesday and it was normal, no evidence of anything fungal from mold inhalation. Can I get a big, fat amen for that one? Counts were great, chemo was more week down.

The rest of that mold stuff is just stuff...just a house. It is nothing time and money can't fix. Looks good for the insurance to be covering most of it. They all understand just how hyper-vigilant we have to be about the mold removal, so, though it is a pain in the hind quarters, it ain't nothin' but stuff and will get taken care of in due time. It is going to cost us money, and though that is a stress, there are far more important things.

That brings us to birthday madness. Zachary turned 10. I am not sure how that happened, exactly. 'Cause I am relatively certain he was a very fat 2 year old yesterday. Apparently my memory and time perception is a bit off. So let the 10 year old birthday extravaganza begin...

We took him to his favorite restaurant for lunch. To celebrate his birthday, they gave him a "beak" and had him flap his arms like a bird and run through the restaurant making crow noises.

Next stop, the Lego store in Orlando to pick out his birthday gift. 'Twas darn near heaven for my boy child. It is always a good day in Zachary-land when you leave with a Lego bag that is darn near as big as you are.

Then came the birthday party to end all birthday parties. We used points from Ronnie's extensive business travel to score a free room at the Embassy Suites hotel in Orlando. Ronnie took Zachary and three of his best buddies for a "No Girls Allowed" weekend.

There was some of this

Ok, so, maybe it was a whole lotta this

They took the party indoors after the pool closed and proceeded to test the soundproof quality of the room.

I am told eventually they all crashed, basically where they stood and sleep was achieved. I have no choice but to believe this happened.

They got up the next morning and ate their way through the all you can eat breakfast buffet at the hotel. I don't think that management could possibly have had enough bacon prepared to handle these boys...

Then it was on to the go-kart , carnival ride, video game nirvana....

There was this

and this,


and even some of this.

I am told it was repeated by more than one party attendee as well as the birthday boy that this was the "BEST. DAY. EVER."

No higher praise could be had! I am so thrilled Zachary had an awesome all boy, all the time party for his big 1-0! He is a great kid, totally deserving of a great day all about him! Thanks to the parents who let their kids come and make Zachary's weekend so amazing! Thanks to Ronnie for being such an amazing Dad and making the day so perfect for all of them!!

Stay tuned for the next episode of "As the Willis' Turn," where we see demolition, reconstruction and remediation.

Love to all~


Sarah said...

Never thought I'd say this, but..... can I be a 10-year-old boy? Please? Just for that one day? I'll even take a mold-infested house! 'Cause when you're a 10-year-old boy, mold is honestly kinda cool. And getting rid of it is Mom and Dad's problem!

Dan said...

I am so glad to read the good news about Mandy.

I am so glad to read that Zachary had a great birthday.

Sending hugs.

Susan said...

Ronnie is super awesome! I'm glad Zachary was the center of attention and slurped it up like a big ole bowl of birthday ice cream!

Proud Momma of 3 said...

Hey Girl,

It's Mary Lynn...I nominated you for an award. Check out my link and post the award on your blog. Just copy it from my link. You deserve it and more. All the best to you and your family!!


Mary Lynn