Sunday, April 19, 2009

A timeline in three time zones

Had any one of us been delayed one solitary hour on Saturday, it would have all fallen apart.

8am(Mountain time)- Ronnie gets on a plane in Edmonton, Alberta(Canada for the geographically impaired among us, such as myself)

9am(Eastern time)- having slept late, cause frankly we were all exhausted and deserved it, kids and I start our day with Cap'n Crunch, Kix and coffee

9:30am(Eastern) start throwing various children in various showers and yelling about how "I can't change the clock, people, you have got to get a move on!"

11:30am(Eastern)- launch into, "I am serious!! We have got to go!" lecture

12:00(Eastern)- get children out the door, making sure Zachary has his script, all his costumes and has brushed his teeth in the last 24 hours.

1pm(Central time)- Ronnie changes planes in Minneapolis

1pm(Eastern) The girls and I start watching the best High School Musical 2 production, ever. Zachary played Ryan and was great!! He is such a hoot on stage and loves to make people laugh. We loved it and I was so darned proud I couldn't stand it!

The whole cast

My favorite scene, he and Sharpay(his script sister) spying on Troy and Gabriella. He was so funny!

1pm(Central)-Ronnie boards plane in Minneapolis heading to Tampa

3pm(Eastern)- HSM2 wraps up it's matinee performance and we begin a 30 minute picture taking extravaganza

3:30pm(Eastern)- Kids and I leave first performance and head over to house to check on roof work being done. Instruct kids they are not to set foot in the house due to mold remediation being in full swing. I consider pouring myself a stiff drink when I am told again just how badly we need to think about putting on a whole new roof.

3:40pm(Eastern)- I am really hoping Ronnie is somewhere in the same time zone by this point. Reluctantly do NOT pour myself stiff drink, though I totally deserve it. Herd children out of front yard and back into car.

4:00 pm- Arrive back at friends house which has become our temporary address.

4:15pm- Feed children leftover pizza, cause I am all about healthy well balanced meals today...Cap'n Crunch and pizza. Yea, I am so mother of the year, it ain't even funny.

4:30- Start back in on, "I can't change the clock, people, ya gotta HURRY!!"

4:40- Throw Mandy in bathtub.

4:44- Pull Mandy from tub and dry and curl her hair.

4:47- Spend 10 minutes trying to convince Mandy that she does NOT need lady-of-the-night-esque makeup for the Daddy/Daughter dance.

4:57- Am worn down and out of time and give in to sheer lip gloss and translucent powder and hope that I have successfully convinced her that both invisible make-ups are noticeable and gorgeous.

4:59- Shoot a few pictures of Mandy, dressed and ready for the Daddy/Daughter dance, while hollering across temporary house to Zachary to get on his shoes and brush his teeth again.

5:01- Tell Alannah that her number one goal until Ronnie hopefully arrives for Mandy is to keep her out of my makeup bag.

5:02- Pack Zachary back into car to head back to evening performance of HSM2.

5:03- Am THRILLED when cell phone rings with Ronnie's name displayed. "I am on the ground," he says, "and will be there shortly." ROCK ON!!!

6:00- HSM2 second performance starts. Ronnie arrives and whisks Mandy away to the ball.

6:26- Arrive at Daddy/Daughter dance where much dancing and cavorting with her friends ensued.

8:00- HSM2 evening performance wraps up and was awesome!! Cast party with pizza, cookies, soda and all sorts of giggling, autographing, eating mania begins.

8:30- Daddy/Daughter dance wraps up and Daddy brings a completely exhausted daughter back home.

8:45- issue "time to go soon, buddy" to Zachary

9:00- arrive home with exhausted, but throughly convinced he wants to be an actor when he grows up, boy child

9:15 Zachary in bed. Mandy in bed. Alannah, Ronnie and I share some Chinese food.

11pm- crash into bed

Sunday we do a whole lot of nothing. Except Alannah.

Who went to the opera with her friend. Before getting her homework done. Which prompted this statement from Ronnie, "If your homework wasn't done you should have maybe thought twice about going out and having fun at the opera."

Which may very well be the goofiest moment of the whole darn crazy weekend.

Love to all~


Dan said...

Wow. What a weekend. You must be tired, Nathalie. I hope that you were able to get some rest on Sunday. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.

And by the way Princess Mandy, you do not need makeup to look beautiful. You are beautiful even without makeup.

Dan Cohen
North Miami Beach, FL

Sarah said...

I honestly am exhausted just reading this. I will never complain about my combination of nighttime job/daytime child care again.

OK, yes, I will.

Lovely photos, by the way!