Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A string of unrelated subtopics

1) There has been a drought. A bad one. For a long time. HOWEVER, I am pleased to report that because I have a hole in my roof currently (that basically affords me the fancy schmancy indoor waterfall I have always wanted) that we have single handedly guaranteed immediate rain and no doubt a swift end to the drought. Thanks you cards, flowers and chocolates are expected and appreciated, as a thank you, from all Floridians. You're welcome. Sorry to say that you can expect the deluge to stop as off Friday when the hole should be fixed and mold/water remediation start. For our next trick....locusts!

2) My ankle swelled up to look like that of a baby elephant. It didn't hurt at all, which I thought was kind of odd.So, rather than waste my time going to our family doctor(and I would first have to figure out who the heck my doctor is, so we are talking a good several hours of my life that I would never get back)I went to one of those Doc in a Box Urgent Care places. I knew they would want to shoot an xray of the ankle so it seemed like a decent one stop shopping idea. Yea. Not so much. Woman "diagnoses" me with a heart murmur that I have never had and a sprained ankle that doesn't hurt and probably dandruff and I think he said one of my arms might be shorter than the other.

I actually heard this conversation between doc and very pregnant lady with a spider bite in the cubicle next to me.

Very Pregnant Lady(sounding concerned): Dr Stupidhead, my concern is much less for me than for the baby. This bite is red and angry and hot to the touch. I am worried it is something toxic. Like say a brown recluse for example.

Quack( sounding like a quack): Oh pfft. You could not possibly have been bitten by a brown recluse! You know why? Cause they are reclusive. That's why! They won't come out and bite you!

Um, wow. So someone obviously slept through doctor class, but got herself a mocha before English class cause SOMEBODY knows her root words. Color me impressed.

3)It never ceases to amaze me, what amazing and kind people we are surrounded by. Once again, we stand awed and humbled that people would give of themselves yet again to our family. Our neighborhood is holding a benefit garage sale on April 25 to benefit Mandy's Fund at the Children's Cancer Center. Thanks to everyone who is being so kind and wonderful They need some help with the following:
• Volunteers are needed Friday, April 24,
for collection/sorting/pricing
• Volunteers are needed Saturday, April
25, for set up,selling and cleanup
• Donations are accepted at several places.
Call James Council, 508-3609 to schedule
a pick up or to select a drop off location.
• Curbside pickup will be available Friday
afternoon after the Friday community sale.
Please call 508-3609 and state you have a
pickup and your address.

Chemo went well today. Counts dropped quite a bit, but otherwise it went well.

Love to all~

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