Friday, April 17, 2009

Phone home

So, a priest, a rabbi and a monk all walk into a bar....

That is how my morning started.

Expect it wasn't a bar. It was my house.

And it wasn't a priest and a rabbi and a monk so much as it was a mold guy, and insurance adjuster and a roofer.

And they didn't all walk into a bar, they all walked into my house. Well, except one. Cause he couldn't make it today. But a priest and a rabbi and a monk were supposed to walk into a bar, but the monk got delayed due to a very chatty correctional officer whose kitchen the monk is redoing....just doesn't have quite the same ring.

So, the insurance guy came back out today. And after *ahem* shall we say REITERATING how very important this was to do it right approximately eleventy bazillion times, I think we may be on the same page. He has to go back and write up a report and at some point on the third Tuesday of the month, when the wind is blowing from the East and a hawk takes flight from an oak tree and a rabbi sneezes 4 times and a butterfly in Japan flaps it's wings, we will get a check to do the repairs.

But, mold guy came and started all his fun stuff today. It looks like that scene from ET when the house is all under containment from the evil stuffed animal loving alien. It made me have an odd craving for Reese's Pieces is all I can say.

My family purdy, no?

And the bedroom is stylin' too in the latest in high fashion plastic tarps and blue painters tape. It is all the rage in Paris, I hear.

And, just in case you ever wondered what was behind the iron, well, plastic, curtain. Ya gotta little of this

And a little of this

Lotsa people supposed to be showing up in the next week or two. I hear Vegas is giving 14 to 1 odds that I will get stood up at least 3 times in the next 2 weeks.

Crazy, busy weekend for the Willis'...Zachary's play is this weekend, stay tuned for pictures on that and stories as he debuts as Ryan in High School Musical 2. Mandy has a Daddy/Daughter dance this weekend. Can I get a great big , "Awwwwwwwww." Cause seriously? Little bitty girls dancing with their Daddies...just doesn't get a whole cuter/sweeter. Alannah is going to an Opera this weekend. No. Really. I'm serious. I swear. My 14yo is excited to go to an Opera. Yea...I don't know either.

And please, if you have stuff or time to donate, please consider donating to the fundraiser garage sale for Mandy's Fund:

• Volunteers are needed Friday, April 24,
for collection/sorting/pricing
• Volunteers are needed Saturday, April
25, for set up,selling and cleanup
• Donations are accepted at several places.
Call James Council, 508-3609 to sched-
ule a pick up or to select a drop off location.
• Curbisde pickup will be available Friday
afternoon after the Friday community sale.
Please call 508-3609 and state you have a
pickup and your address.

Love to all~

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