Friday, March 13, 2009

Distract 'em with pictures

You might remember, this. A few weeks ago Mandy was treated like an absolute princess at the Day of Pampering when she got to pick her ensemble for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation Fashion Funds the Cure fashion show.

Well ,Tuesday night was THE night! And as cute as some of the pictures I posted from that day were. Just wait. There's more! They played a wonderful video from that day at the show last night. You can see it here. Make sure you have your volume on. Oh, and a tissue or two might be good too.

After much anticipation, we arrived at the show. FINALLY. I am told I drove "extra slow" that day.

First stop, just like for any model, was hair and makeup.

Then on to wardrobe to change into her chosen dress. And as any good model knows, the accessories make the outfit, so, she was sporting a Juicy Couture handbag and hat and RayBan shades.

She and Alannah hit the runway early so Mandy could learn how to work it. Can I just say I was more than a little concerned at how well Alannah could do a runway walk. She needs to never, EVER walk like that again. Mandy was not quite so comfortable initially, but took some Hip Swinging 101 from her big sister.

The shows was hosted by none other than this guy.

Oh yea...that would be Carson Kressley, from one of my all time favorite shows, "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Love him!!

She worked the runway in style flanked by two ridiculously good looking Tampa Bay Bucs, Will Allen and Quincy Black.

By FAR, the most amazing picture of the night was the one taken by the amazing photographer, Pepito. It took my breath away.

It was an amazing night, filled with amazing girls who were absolutely beautiful in every possible way. Thank you to PCF for including Mandy in this event. And the best news of all, is that the night raised $315k for research and funding of clinical trials!!

Wednesday, of course, brought chemo. Tumor Board had not yet met, so no new information there. Counts were good and all went well.

The 72 hour long EEG started this morning, with a trip to the neurologist office to get 18 electrodes glued to her head and then wrapped in a big bandaid. She carries around a battery pack and sleeps under the watchful eye of a video camera and monitoring system. All in all, a pretty uncomfortable get up. And though she has certainly let us know, that she thinks this whole thing is a bad idea, she played cards with Alannah and Zachary tonight and had a ball.

The results of this EEG are a very important piece of the puzzle for tumor board, so we are more than a little anxious to see what this reveals.

Love to all~

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skipperswife said...

Mandy looked absolutely gorgeous! And even with the big band-aid, her dimples still light up her whole face! And yes, I did require kleenex from the video...what these children and their families go through is nothing short of heartbreaking. But I find you all absolutely inspirational!