Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can we get back to you on this one later?

Have you ever showed up at a party and realized you forgot the hostess gift? I haven't done that one. But I have been mid-dinner party and realized I forgot to make a dessert. Whoops! My bad. And I can't even count the times that I showed up in class having forgotten my essay, research paper or pencil. No matter the faux pas, they all share the same general feeling ... people were expecting/hoping for something and you were going to drop the ball.

That's how I feel typing this post for you. I know you are hoping for/expecting more than I am going to have to offer you. I'm sorry.

I got the call this afternoon from Mandy's neuro-oncologist that the tumor board had met and discussed her case this morning.

The good news first:
  • The optic glioma, the reason she started chemo to begin with, is stable.
  • We aren't changing the plan right now.
  • The new additional enhancement on the parietal lobe lesion could be a technical anomaly. It could also be an NF-related lesion, but that one looks less likely overall.

    The less than ideal news:
  • There are characteristics of the 6mm lesion in the left parietal lobe that are consistent with a glioma ... shape, location, enhancement. What makes this concerning is that this area appeared while she was on treatment and if it continues to progress at all, with added size or enhancement, we will need to switch protocols to a much more aggressive one. Radiation is out and surgery in that area would require "a lot of digging." So, if it there is any further progression, we ramp up the chemo significantly.

    So, we wait for scans and for time to tell us better what exactly we are dealing with and how best to fight it.

    Chemo today went well. Counts were good and she was in good spirits tonight.

    Love to all~

    Olivia said...

    Thinking of you and sending many positive thoughts your way! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the scan results!


    Susan said...

    Thanks for the update, Natalie. The words confuse me a bit but I get the general drift. Hugs to you all!

    Andrea cook said...

    I'm so sorry for the yucky results. I'm not sure what to say, but do know that we are sending prayers your way.

    COLE Prayer Team -

    Hugs of love, Andrea