Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stir crazy

Being locked in a house all weekend long, when Spring has hit full force outside is enough to make you a little crazy. Alannah and Zachary had invites from sweet friends to hang out this weekend. Mandy was about fried by Sunday night and officially lost her cookies to full blown stir craziness. Alannah felt bad for her and was trying to keep her entertained this evening. Thus, was borne the Willis Doll Fashion Show with your hostess, Alannah Willis, camera man Zachary Willis and principle model and head designer and stylist Mandy Willis. Enjoy the show! (Note to those of you who get the email update, you may have to log onto the site to view it)

Tomorrow it all comes off....Mandy's EEG leads and Alannah's braces!

Love to all~

1 comment:

skipperswife said...

Mandy was definitely the best model. She didn't fall down! :o)